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Royal Caribbean Cancels Itineraries Due to Hurricane Irma

Royal Caribbean has decided to cancel cruise ship itineraries due to the threat of Hurricane Irma which is heading towards eastern parts of the Caribbean.

Hurricane Irma Becomes a Category 5 as Cruise Destinations on Alert

We are following Hurricane Irma and how it is impacting not just cruise ships but popular cruise destinations in the Caribbean and what we're seeing is not good.

Carnival Cruise Ships Sail Altered Itineraries Due to Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is on the way and cruise lines have already started changing itineraries to keep cruise passengers and crew safe.

MSC Cruise Ship Alters Itinerary Due to Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma makes its way towards northeastern parts of the Caribbean an MSC cruise ship has now been forced to alter its itinerary.

Cruise Line Being Impacted by Major Hurricane Irma

The major Hurricane Irma is heading towards the eastern Caribbean and it has now impacted the first cruise ship.