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20 Things to Do in Grand Cayman During a Cruise

When on a western Caribbean cruise vacation your ship will likely call in the Cayman Islands so we've got all of these things to do in Grand Cayman.

How Can We Not Like Cruise Ships!

The views are stunning and it just reminds me one of the reasons why I like cruise ships so much.

Cruise Ship Causes Significant Damage To Grand Cayman Coral Reef

A cruise ship did some significant damage to a coral reef in Grand Cayman while it was anchored there on Tuesday, December 8.

Grand Cayman Government Favors A Cruise Port

It seems that the Government of Grand Cayman is now favoring a large cruise pier development rather than some of the other proposals that could protect the island's coral.

Carnival Cruise Ship Passenger Dies After Jet Ski Accident

A male passenger has died from a Jet Ski accident during a port of call visit in Grand Cayman.

Carnival Cruise Ship Damages Cayman Coral With Anchor

UPDATE (SEP 2 2014) Cruise Hive has now received a statement from Carnival Cruise Lines which states that the anchor dropped in Grand Cayman on...