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2 Crystal Cruise Ships to Undergo Major Refurbishment

Crystal Cruises has announced that two of its ocean ships will undergo a major dry dock refurbishments in 2017 and 2018.

Cruise Ship Completes Elusive Arctic Journey

The Crystal Serenity completes its ambitious journey sailing the Northwest Passage

Photos of Luxury Cruise Ship Sailing One of World’s Most Dangerous Itineraries

Crystal Serenity is right now sailing one of the world's most dangerous cruises in the Northwest Passage

Crystal Cruise Ship Begins Much Anticipated Journey

Crystal Serenity which is a luxury cruise ship operated by Crystal Cruises has set off on its 32-day journey through the Northwest Passage

Luxury Cruise Ship Set To Sail Through The Melting Arctic Northwest Passage

The northwest passage is open for business and not without controversy. Big spenders will be the first to sail the arctic which becomes possible do to climate change.

Woman Living On Cruise Ship For Almost Seven Years!

An interesting new article has come out about an elderly woman who has been living onboard a cruise ship for almost seven years! We just couldn't resist to report on this.

Freak Wave Hits Crystal Cruise Ship

It's been reported that a freak wave has hit the Crystal Serenity cruise ship which is operated by the luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises. The...