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Weather Alert Issued for Galveston Based Carnival Cruise Ship

Carnival Cruise Line has issued a traffic and weather alert for those booked on Carnival Valor's October 1 sailing from the Port of Galveston in Texas.

Places On A Carnival Cruise Ship For Crew Members Only

If you want to know where all the crew members hang out then you'll want to take a look here. The crew bar is just one of many places which are popular on a Carnival cruise ship.

Dense Fog at Port of Galveston Slightly Delays Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival Freedom and Carnival Valor slightly delayed due to dense fog at Port of Galveston.

Carnival Valor to Sail Short Cruises From New Orleans

Carnival Cruise Line has announced that Carnival Valor will sail short cruises from New Orleans starting in May 2019.

Cruise Lines Cancel Sailings Due to Port of Galveston Closure

As we continue to follow the situation on Tropical Storm Harvey and how it is impacting two cruise lines we now have the very latest which is not good.

Carnival Cruise Ships Could Stay at Sea Longer Than Expected

As we continue to monitor the impact of Tropical Storm Harvey we have an update received from Carnival Cruise Line and it isn't good.

Carnival Cruise Line Makes Itinerary Adjustments Due to Hurricane Harvey

Carnival has just released an update and has now adjusted itineraries for at least two ships originally scheduled to dock in Galveston this weekend.

Cruise Ships Affected by Growing Storm in the Gulf of Mexico

An unnamed storm which is forming in the Gulf of Mexico is affecting cruise ships.

Fun Shops Complete Refurbishment on Carnival Cruise Ship

New onboard gift shops are ready for business onboard a Carnival Cruise Ship after being under refurbishment for almost two cruises.