Cruise News Aida Cruises Stunning Time-Lapse of Aida Cruises Next Ship Under Construction

Stunning Time-Lapse of Aida Cruises Next Ship Under Construction

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Carnival Cruise Line Asks for Patience During Review of CDC Order

Now that the new CDC Conditional Sailing Order has been announced, Carnival Cruise Line has asked for patience while it reviews the details.

CLIA Responds to New CDC Conditional Order

Following today's huge news of the CDC lifting its No-Sail order, the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has responded.

CDC Issues Framework for Conditional Sailing Order Until November 2021

CDC issues a framework for Conditional Sailing Order through November 1, 2021.

Canada Bans Cruise Ships Through February 2021

The authorities in Canada have decided to extend its ban on cruise ships through February 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

Is Europe ready for another huge brand new class cruise ship? Well there’s no choice as Aida Cruises upcoming Aidaprima will become the cruise lines largest and most innovative yet.

The Carnival owned cruise line Aida Cruises ordered a huge cruise ship that is now in its final phase of construction. The Aidaprima which will be a new generation cruise ship for the German cruise line is under construction by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) in Japan. The ship will be the largest ever built for Aida Cruises and will be purpose-built for the German market where it will sail from Hamburg, Germany all year round towards the end of 2015.

Cruise Hive has come across one of the best cruise ship time-lapse videos ever! This videos shows the full construction process of Aida Cruises upcoming cruise ship Aidaprima. The video shows stunning views and camera angles as its being built-in Japan. This video is a great insight to cruise ship construction.

Aidaprima will bring new construction technologies thanks to the japanese shipbuilder and will take the cruise line into a new era of cruise ship design. The large vessel is set to bring many new onboard features including the UV-transparent Foliendom so passengers can relax under palm trees no matter what the weather is outside. You can read about some of the first features announced by Aida Cruises in a previous report.

Aidaprima will set off on her maiden voyage from Yokohama, Japan to Hamburg, Germany in October 2015. The voyage will be cut in half with the fist part lasting for 50 days to Dubai. the ship is 125,000 gross tons and once sailing will carry over 3,000 passengers.


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