How To Stay Cool On A Cruise Ship

Cruise Hive has come up with some tips and advice on how to stay cool while on a cruise. The tips only really cater to hot regions like the Caribbean and Mediterranean, if you’re too hot on a cruise in Alaska then we suggest you see a doctor! It can be important to stay cool and refreshed at all times during a hot cruise especially when you’re not used to hot climates.

The first thing you think of when wanting to stay cool is of course the air conditioning and it’s very easy to just walk into your stateroom and crank it up to keep you cool from being on the hot open deck all day. This will work but switching from a hot environment to an air-conditioned one all the time could cause you to get a cold or something similar. So lets look at some alternatives to keeping cool.

Purchase some kind of bottle from the gift shop or even get from the bar if they have them. Make sure it’s plastic because you don’t want it smashing on the open deck areas. Then fill the bottle up with ice, if the ice cubes are too large to fit in the top then use ice-cold water. Take the bottle with you on the open deck and keep it against your back or you could open it up and sprinkle ice-cold water on your body every now and then. This really does work and will keep your body temperature down.

Your sizzling hot in the sun have no cold water or ice and no shade to protect you. Well the only way to stay cool is to get in the ships pool as quickly as possible! just don’t run please, we don’t want to be responsible for any accidents onboard. Now usually on a sea day the ships pools are packed with kids, youngsters and teens so before you even go out on the open deck try to stay close to an adults only pool which many cruise lines offer. There should be enough room in the pool for you to do some serious swimming to keep you cool.

Something which you might not think about at first is your choice in clothing when going to the ships outdoor areas. Try not to wear dark clothing as it will heat up faster from the sun and could make you feel too hot. Wear bright clothing so it will reflect the sun away from you keeping you a little more cooler. Whatever you do always try to keep covered up or the sun will burn your skin and you’ll be running to the gift shops to buy sun block unless you already have some. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can burn no matter what sunblock you have.

Wearing a cap will help keep your face shaded and protect your head from the sun. Try and wear a bright-colored cap if possible and while we’re on the topic you could also use an umbrella to keep you shaded at all times but be careful because on a cruise ship a gust of wind might turn it against you. Wind gusts are possible onboard due to vast open oceans. Most ships do have wind breakers on the open decks but it doesn’t always cover all areas of the deck.

Another great way to stay cool is have a wet towel and wrap it around yourself. It’s best to use ice-cold water to get it damp but if that’s not available just quickly put your towel into the pool and then squeeze it out. You could also use a second towel to put over your face, you might look like a mummy but who cares if it keeps you cool right?

Those are just a few ideas which we’ve come up with. If you have any of your own don’t be scared to post in the comments below which will help other cruisers lucky enough to be cruising in a hot tropical climate!

Emrys Thakkar
Emrys Thakkar
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