SportSquare on Carnival’s Mardi Gras: What’s it Like?

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Cruises are about much more than exotic destinations, luxurious pampering, incredible views, and the seagoing lifestyle. For active cruisers looking for their next adventures, look no further than SportSquare on Carnival’s newest Fun Ship, Mardi Gras.

What Is SportSquare?

SportSquare is the innovative activity hub onboard Mardi Gras, the home to a variety of energetic activities and part of the Ultimate Playground with fun for all ages.

Located on Deck 18 just forward of the ship’s iconic funnel, this colorful and adaptable space can be used for different activities throughout every Mardi Gras cruise. On the fleet’s new flagship, SportSquare is larger and more expanded than on other vessels, and has options for all cruisers to enjoy.

What SportSquare Offers

SportSquare has a number of active options. The centerpiece of the space is a full-sized basketball court that can be converted for volleyball or soccer use depending on the ship’s activities and passenger interest. Netting encloses the space to keep stray balls safely contained, and molded seating lines the sides of the court for waiting players or spectators.

Mardi Gras Ropes Course
Mardi Gras Ropes Course (Photo Credit: Marc Mayntz)

The SkyCourse is another amazing feature of SportSquare. This at-sea ropes course is elevated above the deck and features several obstacles and challenges, including tricky bridges and a brief zip line as passengers travel through the 600-foot course, the longest in the Carnival fleet. Two challenge levels are available, giving both novices and experienced ropes course adventurers a new thrill to enjoy.

Pool Tables on Mardi Gras
Pool Tables on Mardi Gras (Photo Credit: Marc Mayntz)

A jogging track encircles SportSquare, offering a familiar way for cruisers to keep fit and get their steps in while at sea. Along the route, different outdoor games are positioned for easy fun, including foosball, ping pong, pool, and cornhole.

Finally, SportSquare is finished off with the familiar nine-hole miniature golf course, with fun holes presenting great ways for players to improve and show off their putting skills.

Golf Course at Mardi Gras SportsSquare
Golf Course at Mardi Gras SportsSquare (Photo Credit: Marc Mayntz)

Throughout SportSquare, comfortable seating is available, including a series of relaxing circular loungers with plentiful pillows. This seating is strategically placed for anyone taking a break from SportSquare or waiting their turn at a new activity, or can be used just for enjoying time on the open deck.

Loungers at SportsSquare
Loungers at SportsSquare (Photo Credit: Marc Mayntz)

SportSquare on Other Ships

While Mardi Gras has the most extensive SportSquare in the Carnival fleet, it is not the only ship that features this activity space. Though the offerings and layout vary on different ships, SportSquare is also available on the Carnival Breeze, Carnival Horizon, Carnival Magic, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Vista, Carnival Panorama, Carnival Radiance, and Carnival Sunrise.

SportSquare is also planned to be part of the Carnival Celebration coming in 2022.

Visiting SportSquare

Most SportSquare features are available on an at-will basis for passengers to enjoy, but the area may close or certain activities could be suspended in poor weather or high wind conditions.

The hours of operation will vary based on the ship’s itinerary and other onboard offerings each day, including whether or not different contests or tournaments are planned for SportSquare. Some options, most notably the SkyCourse, may have height or weight restrictions to ensure safe operation.

More Ultimate Playground Features

SportSquare is only one part of the Ultimate Playground onboard Mardi Gras. In addition to this active space, passengers can also enjoy BOLT, the very first roller coaster at sea, a rider-controlled thrill ride offering unprecedented views and amazing adrenaline rushes.

The Ultimate Playground on Mardi Gras
The Ultimate Playground on Mardi Gras (Rendering Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line)

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The WaterWorks Aqua Park is also part of the Ultimate Playground, and includes three waterslides stretching over 800 combined feet, a splash pad, and the PowerDrencher 150-gallon tipping bucket for the ultimate cooldown.

With so much to do, SportSquare is a must-visit space on Mardi Gras, and offers passengers a wide range of active fun to challenge their athletic skills and provide more adventurous enjoyment on the most fun Fun Ship in the world.

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