Sea Trials Begin for First-Ever Chinese-Built Large Cruise Ship 

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China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) has announced sea trials for the country’s first-ever Chinese-built cruise ship, Adora Magic City, are underway. With this new vessel, China is keen to improve and expand its shipbuilding knowledge and become a major player in the large cruise ship construction market.

Adora Magic City Begins Inaugural Sea Trials

On Monday, July 17, 2023, China’s groundbreaking domestically-built cruise ship ticked off another item on the list of stages it needs to complete before setting sail from Shanghai in 2024. The vessel, which floated out in June 2023, has begun its first sea trials under its own power.

The 135,500-ton ship, Adora Magic City and nicknamed Ada Modu, has set off for its initial sea trials, marking the culmination of its final outfitting phase and ushering in an exciting new era in Chinese maritime accomplishments.

Adora Magic City Cruise Ship
Adora Magic City Cruise Ship

The colossal cruise ship, which will be run by Adora Cruises Limited, is embarking on a journey across the sea from Shanghai for nine days — with every day scheduled for testing and trials. 

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipyard, a branch of CSSC and the company building Ada Modu, has reported that these initial trials mark the beginning of a two-part series, which is not uncommon for large ships, especially first-in-class vessels or ships from new shipyards. Throughout Adora Magic City’s July 2023 sea trials, the vessel’s crucial operating systems will be rigorously tested, including ballast water treatment, fuel delivery, maneuverability navigation performance, and more.

Before its first sea trials, Adora Magic City underwent approximately six weeks of outfitting. The ship also underwent many different tests and certifications as well, for water ingress alarms, watertight doors, fire safety systems, and other systems required for safe and comfortable ocean travel.

China’s Large Cruise Ship Construction Goals

This large-scale cruise ship project, which began in October 2019, is an important part of CSSC’s future plans for transportation development.

Chinese shipbuilders — under the guidance of vessel construction specialists from Italy’s renowned Fincantieri — have already enhanced their technical proficiency in the industry.

Adora Magic City Cruise Ship
Adora Magic City Cruise Ship

China State Shipbuilding Corporation has also begun work on a second, larger cruise ship, modeled after Ada Modu. Construction on this vessel kicked off in August 2022, with delivery slated for 2025.

In the future, China plans to join the ranks of other countries with a well-established cruise ship construction industry, like Finland, France, Germany, and Italy. It seems China’s ultimate goal is to become the fifth nation on the planet involved in the building of large cruise ships. Adora Magic City is an important step toward that goal.

Adora Magic City: A Ship of Many Firsts

Adora Magic City is a remarkable cruise ship that aims to harmoniously combine Eastern and Western influences, resulting in an entrancing “city” at sea. 

The vessel will showcase a distinctive onboard German craft brewery, offering exclusive Asian-inspired beers as well as other popular brews. Guests onboard will also enjoy the largest duty-free retail space (established in partnership with China Duty-Free Group) on the ocean to date.

Adora Magic City Cruise Ship
Adora Magic City Cruise Ship

This first ship will be a pioneering 5G-enabled cruise liner, made possible through a collaboration with Shanghai Telecom. 5G service should ensure uninterrupted online connectivity for Adora Magic City’s passengers.

The ship will also introduce the first-ever live comedy theater at sea tailored to the Chinese market, with comedy performances developed in collaboration with Mahua FunAge. 

Additionally, the ship will feature a mesmerizing modern production entitled “Marco Polo: An Enchanted Love Tale,” created in partnership with Selection International Entertainment. 

Once Adora Magic City finishes its sea trials, receives its final touches, and sets sail in 2024, it should have a lot of entertainment, technology, and style to offer both Chinese and international guests.

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