Scenic Cruises: Everything You Need to Know

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For some people, cruises are all about having fun, whether that means enjoying the waterpark with your kids or gambling at the casino. However, there are so many different cruise experiences to try out, including luxury cruises.

Scenic Cruises is a cruise line offering some of the top luxury cruises worldwide. With small ships, fewer passengers, and small-town destinations, every passenger is cared for, and every experience is curated to your enjoyment. 

Does this sound like your type of cruise? Keep reading to learn about all the different options offered by Scenic Cruises to help prepare you to book your next cruise.

What Is Scenic Cruises?

Scenic is a cruise line that’s been around for over three decades. They offer voyages all over the world and have had trips to every continent. Common destinations include Europe, South East Asia, and even Antarctica.

Scenic Cruises are considered a five-star luxury travel experience for passengers who want to be pampered while discovering places they wouldn’t regularly visit.

When booking Scenic luxury cruises, you can look forward to a variety of features, including staff on call whenever you need them, a butler to unpack your bags, and gourmet meals across an array of dining venues.

Let’s check out some of the other benefits of Scenic Cruises.

Benefits of Scenic Cruises

There are several reasons to choose Scenic Cruises over other cruise lines, especially if you’re looking for luxury. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Scenic Cruises.

All-inclusive Cruise

One of the main benefits of choosing Scenic is that all of their cruises are all-inclusive. This means there should be no surprises, and you should always know what you’re getting.

Scenic Eclipse II Luxury Vessel
Image Courtesy: Scenic

The all-inclusive price of Scenic Cruises covers all shore excursions, specialty dining, a daily restocked mini-bar in your cabin, and unlimited drinks. That means once you’ve booked your cruise and paid your fair, you only need to show up.

Flexible Shore Excursions

Even though Scenic offers all-inclusive cruises, there is still a lot of flexibility in their shore excursions. 

They offer a Scenic Freechoice Shore Excursion program which provides passengers with several options to choose from on the same day to plan their day of excursions. Scenic also offers Scenic Enrich tours.

These tours range from private concerts to behind-the-scenes tours and serve to provide deeper cultural immersion. The best part about this option is that it’s also included in your fare, so you can enjoy this in-depth experience at no extra cost.

Scenic Eclipse Helicopter, Antarctica

Finally, there’s also the Scenic Tailormade app, which allows passengers to go on pre-programmed self-guided tours at their own pace, with detailed maps and insightful commentary on what they see. 

As a bonus, every Scenic cruise ship has e-bikes on board that you can use for exploring the ports and staying active during your cruise.

Smaller Ships But More Space

Many cruisers are becoming increasingly interested in smaller ships, which Scenic Cruises specializes in. Scenic calls their ships “Space-Ships” because of the large amount of space reserved for each guest. 

Each luxury Scenic carries no more than 163 guests onboard unless it’s the new Eclipse class vessels. However, despite the few passengers onboard, there are still bigger suites and spacious dining areas, so you’ll have ample space to relax and unwind.

Scenic Spirit Cruise Ship
Scenic Spirit Cruise Ship (Photo Credit: Scenic)

The cabins vary from 160 to 250 square feet. There are lots of shared spaces with plenty of room to move and enjoy the views.

For example, you might love the Sun Deck, a large rooftop area running the width and length of the ships. You can also recline and relax on one of many comfy chairs, stay active on the walking track, or take a yoga class to destress.

In particular, the Panorama Lounge, which is considered the heart of the ship, has floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the full breadth of the scenery around you. 

Get Close to Shore

Because of their small size, Scenic cruise ships provide additional benefits that allow the ships to go places that larger cruise ships cannot reach. This includes sailing along rivers – close enough to see the small riverside towns.

Scenic Sapphire River Ship
Scenic Sapphire River Ship (Photo Credit: Scenic)

Popular luxury river cruise destinations that Scenic Cruises sails along include the Danube River, Mekong River, and Douro River.

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You can take in ever-changing scenery and explore these small towns when the ship can dock. Finally, you’ll also get to support local businesses and engage with the locals on a small scale.

Scenic Cruises FAQ

Are Scenic Cruises adult-only?

While Scenic Cruises does allow children onboard, remember that there aren’t many children’s attractions or amenities on these cruises. Therefore these cruises are better suited for just adults. Moreover, as with other cruises, all passengers under 21 must be accompanied by an adult. 

How many ships does Scenic Cruises have?

Scenic Cruises has 18 river and ocean ships, including the Scenic Spirit, Scenic Gem, Scenic Azure, and Scenic Eclipse. Each has similar facilities and amenities and mainly differs in itinerary.

What do you wear on Scenic Cruises?

While Scenic Cruises are considered luxury cruises, comfort is still a priority. When packing for a Scenic Cruise, simply bring what makes you feel comfortable, including comfortable tops, bottoms, and shoes. You’ll also want to bring dressier clothes for dinners or other activities requiring more formal wear. 

Final Thoughts

To recap, Scenic Cruises are luxury all-inclusive cruises that can give you a more intimate cruising experience. 

With smaller ships, fewer passengers, and closer proximity to the shore, you’ll find that a Scenic cruise is like no other cruise. So if you’re looking to pamper yourself, it might be worth checking out Scenic Cruises.

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