Royal Caribbean’s Giant Ship Heads For Victoria And Nanaimo

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Royal Caribbean is at it again! Everything the cruise liners has done in recent weeks is big, and now they have their sights set on Canada.

So the cruise liner has now brought one if its largest ships to the pacific northwest. That’s right folks Royal Caribbean is now operating the biggest vessel in Canadian waters. The voyager class vessel is none other than Explorer of the Seas, with a length of 1,020 feet.

The cruise liner is staying in the headlines as the Explorer of the Seas becomes the largest ship to dock at Canada’s busiest port at Victoria. Ian Robertson, CEO of the Greater Victoria Harbor Authority was more than excited about the vessel and released a statement

Ian Robertson CEO of the Greater Victoria Harbor Authority: 

“It’s a big day for Victoria, having the largest ship that sails [to Alaska] in the Alaskan theatre.”

Victoria is not the only Canadian port getting in on the action. The Port of Nanaimo is also hosting the vessel, and is pushing the for Victoria to be its home port over Seattle for economic reasons. Bernie Dumas, CEO of the Nanaimo Port Authority commented

Bernie Dumas CEO of the Nanaimo Port Authority:

“Economically, each cruise visit has an immediate impact of over $250,000 to the region,” he said. “Also, passengers seriously consider our destination for a future multi-day visit.”

The 138,194 ton MS Explorer of the Seas has a passenger capacity of 4,029. It’s good to note this vessels has seen its share of controversy over the years from collision to norovirus outbreaks. Cruise hive will continue to report on the cruise liner busy summer.

Explorer of the Seas

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Explorer of the Seas
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