Royal Caribbean Increases Age Limit for Adults-Only Area

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Royal Caribbean International has decided to increase the age limit for the adults-only Solarium area onboard its ships. The cruise line sent out a communication about the change and said it’s making sure the exclusive area is kept consistent with age-related policies elsewhere on its ships.

It now means that those passengers under the age of 18 will no longer be allowed to access the Solarium.

Royal Caribbean Hikes Age Limit for the Solarium

Royal Caribbean is making a change at the Solarium venue across its fleet by increasing the age limit to be able to access and use the exclusive space. Guests must now be 18 and older to enjoy the adults-only venue.

Previously, those guests at 16 years of age and over were allowed to enter the Solarium, no matter what the ship. On sailings from China, there have been no age restrictions, but the space is exclusive to select suites and guests of higher loyalty status.

In the communication sent to travel agents and cruise advisors, the age restriction update is attributed to guest feedback. The cruise line regularly sends out post-cruise surveys and asks travelers about their experiences and preferences, and undoubtedly the age limits on the Solarium have been of interest.

Royal Caribbean Solarium
Royal Caribbean Solarium (Photo Credit: Solarisys / Shutterstock)

There is no update as to whether or not the age restriction will now apply to China sailings; guests onboard applicable ships can inquire about any age restriction updates at the Guest Services desk.

Reaction to the announcement is mixed, with some frequent Royal Caribbean cruisers expressing gratitude that the adults-only space will be more rigidly controlled, while others feeling it may be unlikely to be consistently enforced.

Different ships have different layouts, and on some vessels it could be more challenging to ensure the new age restriction is enforced at all entrance points.

Some guests have reported inconsistent enforcement even before the updated restriction, but different experiences on different sailings will naturally vary.

Enjoying the Solarium

Available on all Royal Caribbean ships, the Solarium is a relaxing retreat with a pool, hot tubs, and various loungers and other seating, often with luxurious décor to create a visually appealing and multi-sensory space. Depending on the class of ship, a glass roof or retractable roof may enclose an indoor-outdoor space so it is usable in all weather conditions.

The Solarium is a popular space for lounging and relaxing, perhaps with a book, card game, or general relaxation without young ones around. Because children aren’t allowed in the pool or hot tubs, it is generally less crowded, though it can be more popular on sea days when everyone is onboard the ship.

Royal Caribbean Solarium
Royal Caribbean Solarium (Photo Credit: TODD17 / Shutterstock)

Typically, the Solarium includes a bar or cafe as well, which is not always included in the age restriction. This can make it challenging to enforce such guidelines, as younger guests can easily walk through the restricted space to reach areas accessible to everyone.

Other Age-Restricted Areas

Updating the Solarium age restriction to 18+ helps align the space with the age requirements of most other onboard spaces. The late-night, adults-only comedy shows, for example, are open to guests age 18 and up.

It must also be noted that the new Hideaway Beach adults-only area under construction on Perfect Day at CocoCay is also slated for ages 18 and up, making the Solarium age requirement consistent with that upcoming exclusive space. Hideaway Beach is slated to open in January 2024 with the debut of Icon of the Seas.

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