Royal Caribbean Begins Calls to St Maarten on November 5th

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Royal Caribbean is scheduled to make a return to Hurricane hit St. Maarten with Grandeur of the Seas on November 5th.

Royal Caribbean is set to start making calls to St. Maarten once again starting with Grandeur of the Seas on Sunday, November 5th. According to St Maarten port, this will be the first commercial vessel for regular cruises to call at the Caribbean island since Hurricane Irma hit in early September.

Cruise Hive previously posted about the first cruise ship returning to St. Maarten in early November.

Cruise line and port official recently met to discuss the return of cruise ships. The current status of Philipsburg was evaluated and whether the once hugely popular destination is ready for thousands of cruise ship passengers. A team from Royal Caribbean carried out a site visit to check the situation and it’s apparently looking just about ready to welcome ships.

Services will need to be up and running before November 5th to make sure passengers have a great shore experience including shops, shore excursions, beaches and more. having said that. it is also important for ships to return to help the local economy and start money pumping into local businesses once again.

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St. Maarten is recovering well now with no health risks but residents will still need support for the long-term and our thoughts are with them always. Royal Caribbean is expected to post a revised list of itineraries soon regarding returning to the Eastern Caribbean island.

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