Cruise News This Rollglider Concept Could Come To A Future Cruise Ship

This Rollglider Concept Could Come To A Future Cruise Ship

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Cruise Line Cancels Multiple Ship Itineraries in Asia

Princess Cruises has canceled over two dozen cruises in Asia impacting multiple cruise ships in the region.

British Passengers Furious While Those From U.S. Evacuated from Cruise Ship

The U.S. passengers from the Quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan are evacuated but some who remain onboard are not happy.

Coronavirus Infections Rise on Cruise Ship, Crew to Undergo Further Quarantine

In the latest from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, the number of infections rises and the crew is set to undergo further quarantine.

Passenger Who Disembarked Holland America Cruise Ship Confirmed With COVID-19

The deadly Coronavirus has been confirmed to have infected a woman who disembarked the ms Westerdam cruise ship operated by Holland America Line.

A new Rollglider concept for a cruise ship has been revealed by Walltopia Adventure. This could possibly be a future cruise ship feature with the video below showing how a Rollglider could look like onboard.

The Rollglider looks like a zip-line at first glance but the person glides along suspended railings while sitting on a secure trolley. While sat on the trolley the feature spirals, dips and turns to offer the ultimate thrill at up to 50 km/h. The company which makes Rollglider uses 3D technology to measure the exact distance needed between ground and surrounding elements to offer a great thrilling experience in different environments.

Watch Rollglider On A Cruise Ship:

In the video above Walltopia have put together a stunning 3D Rendering of what the ride could look like on a cruise ship. No cruise line has yet to feature a Rollglider type ride but with the rate of new cruise ship orders, we might just see the first Rollglider at sea in the near future.

Video Rendering By: WALLTOPIA (YouTube)

Some of the grand and most thrilling rides at sea include the 10-story high Ultimate Abyss on Harmony of the Seas, SkyRide on Carnival Vista and a race track on the upcoming Norwegian Joy. There are many cruise ship rides but now it seems some of the biggest cruise lines in the world are looking for new ideas to entice even more guests to take a cruise. We’ll just have to wait and see how Rollglider pans out, until then we would love to know your thought on this Rollglider on a ship concept in the comments further down below.

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