River Cruise Ship Hits Motorway Bridge in Germany

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A river cruise ship in Germany has hit a motorway bridge and causing multiple injuries on Tuesday night.

Local news reports that at least 25 people have been injured after a river cruise ship named Swiss Crystal hit a motorway bridge in Duisburg, Germany, located in the Western part of the country. Five cruise ship passengers were taken to a local hospital with serious injuries but not fatal. Another twenty passengers had minor injuries.

As a result, the A42 motorway has been closed due to a structural assessment of the bridge and entire structure. As expected the cruise operator of Swiss Crystal canceled the sailing of the ship but has offered passengers to continue their journey on another river cruise ship. Those not wanting to continue with their cruise on the Rhine River also had the option to be put in a hotel overnight and travel back home, all paid by the cruise line.

The Swiss Crystal river cruise ship is operated by Scylla and built in 1995 and can carry a total of 125 passengers along with 31 crew members. The ship was refurbished in 1997.

Our thoughts go out to all those affected and we hope everyone makes a full recovery from their injuries.

Swiss Crystal River Cruise Ship

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Swiss Crystal River Cruise Ship
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