Resorts World Cruises To Offer Digital Shopping Experience

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Resorts World Cruises, a newly launched cruise company operating out of Singapore, has signed a new deal with IBS Software which will offer guests a unique digital enriched shopping experience onboard. 

With the new systems, Resorts World Cruises will be able to offer guests highly personalized offers and promotions, making cruises onboard Genting Dream, the company’s flagship vessel, highly distinctive and aimed at each guest’s personal needs.

Resorts World Cruises To Develop Personalized Cruises

By using iTravel Cruise Enterprise Reservation, IBS’s next-generation guest-centric cruise reservation system, Resorts World Cruising hopes to create a new dimension for guests sailing onboard its only cruise ship, Genting Dream

In addition to offering its travel advisors and guests highly personalized offers and promotions, the system allows Resorts World Cruises to be flexible in accommodating their unique travel needs.

Genting Dream for Resorts World Cruises
Resorts World Cruises

The plans have been developed to enable the cruise line to package and deliver services in a way impossible in the past. 

“As a new dynamic lifestyle cruise brand, Resorts World Cruises is committed towards equipping itself with a modern, fully digital landscape to increase efficiency and implement transformational service to meet the evolving demands of today’s consumers,” said Mr. Michael Goh, President of Resorts World Cruises. 

“The flexibility of iTravel Cruise platform and its future roadmap, along with an excellent partnership approach, made IBS Software the ideal choice for us.” 

A Fresh Start For Resorts World Cruises

As many will know, Resorts World Cruises came into existence following the financial downfall of Genting Hong Kong, the former owner of cruise brands Crystal Cruises, Dream Cruises, and Star Cruises. 

Aiming to make a fresh start, Lim Kok Thay, the CEO and Chairman of Genting Group, started Resorts World Cruises earlier this year. The Lim family also owns and operates Resorts World, a chain of 46 properties such as Casinos, resorts, and hotels. 

Resorts World Cruises Funnel
Photo Courtesy: Resorts World Cruises

Resorts World Cruises is one of several land-based operations that is expanding to sea, a move also made by the Ritz Carlton Group.

Asish Koshy, VP and Head of Tour & Cruise Industry Solutions at IBS“We are increasingly witnessing a trend whereby high-end hotel chains and resorts are commencing cruise operations. The unique advantage for them is having an existing loyal customer base who would be nothing short of thrilled to embark on its favorite leisure brand’s new property. IBS is delighted to support one of Asia’s best hospitality brands as it navigates its path into the cruise industry.” 

The iTravel program allows resorts World Cruises to put a digital strategy in place to engage with guests at every step of the trip lifecycle, including the planning stages, personalized shopping, and tours in port.

Resorts World Cruises made its debut on 15 June 2022, in Singapore, with its first vessel, the 3,352 passenger and 150,695 gross tons Genting Dream. The company was one of the first cruise lines to return to making port calls in Asia, outside of Singapore. 

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