15 Reasons You Should Take a Carnival Pride Cruise

We've got all these reasons why you take a Carnival Pride cruise vacation. Everything to know about the Carnival Cruise Line operated ship.

A Spirit-class cruise ship, Carnival Pride was first launched in 2001, sailing around the Western Hemisphere for majority of the first decade of its life (and, the ship is also notable for taking a two-day “cruise to nowhere” in 2012, after its departure was canceled due to a close of port traffic after Hurricane Sandy).

Carnival Pride underwent refurbishments first in 2014, to upgrade it to Carnival’s Funship 2.0 standard, but then underwent some more refurbishments in 2019, in February, when the ship received some routine updates, including some new flooring and then some changes to some social spaces.

The $375 million ship is more than 950 feet long, with 12 decks and a capacity for just over 2,100 passengers and a crew of 930. While that may seem huge to some, it’s relatively small for Carnival cruise ship standards.

It’s also worth reading up about the sister ship Carnival Miracle right here.

What can you expect if you want to take a Carnival Pride cruise in the near future? Here are all the activities and fun you can anticipate, along with all the reasons you should consider taking a Carnival Pride cruise for your next vacation.

1. The Ship Recently Received a $75 Million Makeover

In addition to the ship’s most recent 2019 upgrades, it also received the Funship 2.0 makeover that you may have seen on other Carnival ships, just a few years ago. This means that the ship is outfitted with a bunch of the brand’s latest restaurants, bars and entertainment spaces, including Guy’s Burger Join, the BlueIguana Cantina, RedFrog Pub and BlueIguana Rum Bar.

The ship has been optimized as a “Funship,” so as you might guess, there’s plenty of fun to be had, at every turn, especially thanks to these new amenities.

2. The Ship’s Decor Will Make You Think You’re Headed Out on a Luxury Cruise, But for Half the Price

While Carnival is often considered one of the more affordable cruise lines, just because you’re saving a little money doesn’t mean that you have to give up some of your favorite amenities, or even a nice environment.

This ship’s decor is themed similar to a Grecian or Roman palace, with Renaissance touches. There’s Mediterranean-style artwork everywhere you look, and you can find contemporary art throughout the ship as well.

3. The Ship is on the More Intimate Side

Have you ever taken a cruise on a massive ship and thought, Oh my, how will I ever find my way around this place? And then, by the end of the cruise, you’ll have not even seen all the ship, let alone explored all its dining and entertainment options.

Well, you won’t have that problem when you take a Carnival Pride cruise and that’s a good thing. Since the ship is a little bit smaller than some of Carnival’s other ships, you get to have the best of both worlds — all the amenities you do want, without an overwhelmingly large space that you have to traverse just to get where you want quickly. Think of all that walking you’re avoiding just by sailing on a smaller ship!

4. The Ship is Made with Families in Mind

Many families love a Carnival Pride cruise and for good reason. The ship’s smaller size aside (which does make it easier to keep track of the kids), Carnival offers tons of kids’ and family activities on its Carnival Pride cruises.

From the kids’ clubs, to the Dr. Seuss-themed activities to the family-friendly entertainment options to the family-friendly fun zones like the waterpark and the sports areas on the top deck, if families want to truly bond while on their cruise, they’ve no excuse not to during a Carnival Pride cruise.

5. There are Ample Accommodation Options

There are many accommodation options to choose from when booking your Carnival Pride cruise. Whether you want a budget-friendly smaller stateroom, or you need something to fit all the family, or you want the top tier of luxury, you can find it among all of Carnival Pride’s many options.

Cruise Ship Cabins to Avoid (Stateroom Booking Tips)
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Balcony staterooms offer twin beds and king beds, large bathrooms and, of course, a balcony. Premium balcony staterooms are just a little larger. Ocean suites are practically ginormous, fitting up to three guests over their expansive interior spaces.

The Grand Suite is probably best of all, sleeping up to four, with a huge balcony and even its own dressing room. And with some suites, you get additional VIP treatment included in the cost of your cruise.

6. The Entertainment is Simply Amazing

The entertainment aboard a Carnival Pride cruise is so amazing, you won’t believe you’re at sea. Plus, many of the entertainment options are crowd-immersive, so you can get in on the action.

You can pretend to belt out your favorite tunes as you compete against your cruisers on the ship’s version of the popular show, Lip Sync Battle. Families will love participating in the on-board game show, Hasbro, which brings everyone’s favorite Hasbro board games to life.

But if you just want to sit back and enjoy a show, rather than participate, you can easily do that as well, with Broadway-style shows produced by Playlist Productions.

7. The Kids Get Their Own Space…

While Carnival Pride does offer lots for families to do together, the Carnival brand also recognizes that sometimes families want to have a little time apart, too. Because of this, kids get their own space, no matter their age.

Children ages 2 to 5 will love the Zumbini classes that get their little bodies moving to the beat. Camp Ocean keeps kids ages 2 to 11 busy with age-appropriate games, crafts and learning opportunities. Club O2 is created just for teens and is a super-cool place for kids in this age range to chill without their parents.

And for kids right in that middle sweet spot, ages 12 to 14, they get Circle C, a tech-heavy, fun environment with their needs in mind.

8. …And the Adults Do, Too!

But Carnival doesn’t leave the parents out (or the childless adults, for that matter). For those seeking some adults-only time, the Serenity Adults-Only Retreat has you covered. The 18-plus space offers drinks, your own pool and plenty of loungers to soak up the sun, sans screaming children and splashing.

9. It’s Never Difficult to Find a Drink

Because you definitely want to make sure you’re as relaxed as possible while on a Carnival Pride cruise, the ship offers drinks at nearly every turn. When the ship received its massive Funship overhaul, it added a lot of cool new bars that travelers consistently rave about.

Carnival Cruise Drink
Photo: Copyright Cruise Hive

RedFrog Pub provides a chill, Caribbean-style and casual environment, with all your favorite fruity drinks. RedFrog Rum Bar takes the RedFrog vibe a step further, but with a focus on rum.

BlueIguana Tequila Bar is much the same, with a Mexican cantina-style feel and a focus on all things tequila, whether you like frozen margaritas or shots. Alchemy Bar is another new one, but it has a more upscale feel to it, and a menu to match, filled with custom, craft cocktails.

10. You Hardly Ever Have to Leave the Pool (if you don’t want to)

With several pools to choose from, you can always find space for your floatie on a Carnival Pride cruise. There are two main pools to choose from; the aft pool gives you a stellar view of the sea and the ship’s wake, while the huge midship pool is outfitted with a movie screen, for regular movie nights once the sun goes down, complete with popcorn and all the latest blockbuster hits.

Then, of course, for adults, there’s the Serenity pool mentioned above. Want to take your water fun to the next level? Try the two waterslides and water fun park for something a little more adrenaline-inducing.

11. The Relaxation Just Continues at the Carnival Spa

The spacious Carnival Pride spa serves up all kinds of treatments, from your traditional facials and massages, to more unique treatments that you won’t find anywhere else. And even if you aren’t keen on a treatment of any type, you can still visit and relax in the completely tranquil environment, and let your worries just float away on the waves behind you.

12. There’s Always a Party

From Carnival’s traditional Sailaway Party that kicks off leaving your port in high style, DJ included, to the nightly parties in the various music venues, lounges and bars, you can always find a place to party on Carnival Pride, all cruise long.

Drink and dance to your heart’s content and rest assured that the kids are safe and sound (and having a great time!) thanks to Carnival’s on-board babysitting services that are available well into the wee morning hours.

13. You Don’t Have to Leave Your Favorite Habits at Home

What’s your favorite way to start your day? With a piping hot cup of premium coffee? At the gym, working out a sweat? Whatever your favorite way to start your day, you can keep up your favorite habits from home while aboard your Carnival cruise. Everything is perfectly curated to keep you comfortable and satisfied.

Carnival Pride Cruise
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14. You’re Never Far From a Good Game

However you define a “good game,” you’ll find it aboard Carnival Pride. Grab a game of bingo. Try out your hand behind the bar during one of the mixologist competitions. Catch a sports game and your favorite teams at SkyBox Sports Bar.

And, if you feel like trying your luck, head to the casino, where you’ll find slots and all the traditional table games. But, if you don’t feel like putting real money up at stake, you can also head to the arcade, a fun spot for all ages.

15. You’ll Never Go Hungry.

No matter the time of night or day, you’ll never go hungry while you’re aboard Carnival Pride. Whatever you have a hankering for, you can find something to fulfill all your cravings.

Guys Burger Joint, Carnival Cruise Line
Photo By: Russell Otway

One of the top dining choices (that’s even included in the price of your cruise, no additional charges needed!) is Guy’s Burger Joint, which allows you to totally customize your burger the way you want, all while enjoying a trip to Flavortown.

The traditional Carnival Pride dining room offers three-course meals every day, in a high-end environment, but you don’t have to feel stuffy here — all are welcome! Lido Marketplace is a full buffet of international options, while other small spots dotted along the ship provide favorite snacks such as pizza and ice cream. If you’d like a high-end dining option during your trip, you can get that, too, at the steakhouse, Chef’s Table and more.

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Carnival Pride FAQ

How many pools are on the Carnival Pride?

There are three pools on the Carnival Pride. There’s the aft pool, which gives travelers a view of the sea and the wake; the midship pool, which provides more space and a movie screen for theater nights; and the Serenity pool, which is smaller and adults-only.

When was the Carnival Pride refurbished?

The Carnival Pride cruise ship has been refurbished twice since its debut in 2001. In 2014, it received expansive refurbishments to upgrade it to Carnival’s Funship 2.0 standards, to rave reviews. In early 2019, it received refurbishments on a smaller scale, mostly limited to the relocation of a few social spaces and new flooring, as well as regular maintenance.

Does Carnival Pride have Waterworks?

Carnival Pride does feature Carnival’s famous Waterworks area! The Waterworks water park offers children, families and fun-lovers of all ages two twisty water slides and other fun water features.

Main Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

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