Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman: 17 Things to Know

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Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, is one of the most popular beaches at one of the most popular ports for those on a Caribbean cruise. Known locally as 7M, this quintessential tropical beach with its powder-soft sand and azure waters is frequently named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! In fact, it was named “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” in 2015 by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.

So, what makes Seven Mile Beach so outstanding? Some may argue it’s the length that almost guarantees you an uncrowded spot, while others are drawn to the sparkling clear, warm waters and pristine conditions of this idyllic white sandy beach.

One thing you can be sure of is that you will truly enjoy this beach paradise, whether you want to do lots of activities or just relax and chill. If you need any further persuading, let me share with you some interesting facts and things to know about Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman.

1. Getting to Seven Mile Beach

Located on the western end of Grand Cayman, Seven Mile Beach is a must-see for cruisers wanting to enjoy a relaxing day in paradise. The shallower water means cruisers are transported ashore by tender and dropped at the port. 

From there, getting to Seven Mile Beach by taxi or as part of an excursion, if you’re on a cruise, is very easy. The beach is about three miles from George Town cruise port and an easy 10-minute journey by road.

You can also catch a bus from the cruise pier that charges around $7 per person each way for the trip. Alight at the Public Beach stop and you’re just steps from the sand.

2. Areas of Seven Mile Beach

The long sandy beach is divided into different areas, although collectively, it is known as Seven Mile Beach. At the northern end is Cemetery Beach. The Public Beach and Governor’s Beach are in the middle, with Royal Palms Beachfront to the south, closest to George Town.

Seven Mile Beach is close to many top attractions on Grand Cayman, including the Cayman Turtle Sanctuary, Yacht Club, Stingray City, and the world-famous black limestone rock formation known as “Hell” at West Bay. This area is also the hub for diving, snorkeling, and watersports adventures on Grand Cayman. 

3. Best time to visit Grand Cayman beaches

The high season for Caribbean cruises is from November and December through April. The climate is beautiful, with gentle breezes, low rainfall, and daily highs of 85-89°F (29-31°C). Of course, the best place to enjoy these sunny days has to be at the beach.

Cruise Visitors on Seven Mile Beach
Cruise Visitors on Seven Mile Beach (Photo Credit: eric laudonien)

June through November is hurricane season in the tropics. Although a hurricane is highly unlikely to hit Grand Cayman, the climate is generally more cloudy and humid in late summer, with afternoon thunderstorms and heavy rain showers. 

4. Soft, Silky Sands

Seven Mile Beach features soft, white coral sand – the kind you want to walk on forever! The clear blue Caribbean waters lap gently along the sand, keeping it cool for the soles of your feet when walking barefoot. 

Since this is a public beach, you can pick a secluded spot anywhere, lay down on a towel and enjoy uninterrupted views while working on your sun tan. Check all these Beach Accessories before you go.

5. Crystal Clear Waters

This world-renowned beach on Grand Cayman offers cruisers unrivaled underwater landscapes and the chance to experience a true slice of the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.

Crystal-clear, sparkling waters are what make this beautiful beach so memorable and Instagram-worthy. From the shore, the various shades of blue create a stunning sight.

Crystal Clear Water at the Beach
Crystal Clear Water at the Beach (Photo Credit: Riegan Tucio)

As there are no rivers draining into the sea in this area, the waters at Seven Mile Beach remain very clean and clear. They are perfect for snorkeling with excellent visibility. Snorkelers and swimmers should note that the beach drops sharply away just a short distance from the shore, so be careful when getting in.

6. Pristine Conditions

Thanks to the number of luxury resorts that line Seven Mile Beach, you’ll find the manicured beach is carefully maintained. One thing you’ll notice right away is how clean the beach is, devoid of any garbage. 

As the well-known saying goes: “Take only memories, leave only footprints” and this definitely applies to Seven Mile Beach. The quote originated from Chief Seattle, a Native American who came from the Duwamish Tribe in the state of Washington. His words are particularly relevant today as the world struggles to maintain its eco-diversity and sustainability.  

7. Easy Access

If you don’t want to walk the entire length of Seven Mile Beach, you’ll find there are several public access points to the beach. However, the best access point for cruisers is from the Public Beach stop.

Aerial view of Grand Cayman island
Aerial view of Grand Cayman island (Photo Credit: Blue Sky imagery)

This part of the beach is likely to get crowded, so walk further to the left to find wider and quieter stretches of sand to enjoy your beach day. Walking along West Bay Road, you will also discover other entry points to the beach, where it’s less crowded and parking is more readily available.

8. No Hawkers

It’s illegal to hawk on Seven Mile Beach, making this the perfect place to relax without persistent vendors trying to sell you their wares. You can look forward to a peaceful time without anyone hassling you. If you want to browse for souvenirs, there’s a row of gift and souvenir shops lining the beach.

Things you can buy from these beach shops include island-style clothing, swimming gear, and water sports equipment. The shops also sell crafts and pieces of local art.

If you want to splurge a little, look no further than Camana Bay Shopping Center near Royal Palms Beachfront. They sell high-end gifts and luxury goods in a Caribbean street setting with a fountain and colorful murals. 

For the best shopping, head into nearby George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands, before re-boarding your cruise ship. 

9. Seven Miles Six Miles of Pure Bliss

It’s rare to find a long stretch of uninterrupted sandy beach like Seven Mile Beach. However, it’s only 6.3 miles (10.1 km). It is believed to be getting shorter due to erosion of the beach at the southern end.

Aerial View of Seven Mile Beach
Aerial View of Seven Mile Beach (Photo Credit: andy morehouse)

You can go to the beach for a blissful walk along the entire length of the sand, taking in the great sea views and gorgeous resorts lining the beach. Rest awhile, sinking your toes into the warm silky sand as the ocean breeze wafts over you. Check these Beach Foot Pads, good for being on the beach.

Some parts of the beach are a bit rocky, especially at the northernmost and southernmost extremities. You might want to wear beach shoes for these sections. Don’t try running without warming up your leg muscles with gentle exercise and stretching, as the sand is soft and difficult to run on.

10. Amenities at Seven Mile Beach

Being a resort-lined beach means that there are plenty of places to eat, drink, and get changed. There are showers, restrooms, restaurants, beach chair rentals, umbrellas, hammocks, and beach cabanas available.

Visitors Relaxing at the Beach
Visitors Relaxing at the Beach (Photo Credit: Ruth Peterkin)

Shade is in plentiful supply from the palm trees and sea grapes that dot the beach. There is also a park for youngsters. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses, biodegradable sunscreen, and a towel to enjoy a day on Seven Mile Beach.

11. Diving and Watersports Activities

There are plenty of water activities that you can engage in at Seven Mile Beach. With such clear calm waters, gentle waves, and mild currents you can easily swim and snorkel here. Diving and jet-skiing are some of the most popular water-based activities to try.

If you’re the more adventurous type, try paddle-boarding, kayaking, parasailing, banana boat rides, or perhaps charter a catamaran for a floating party.

Red Sail Sports provides everything you need if you want to go snorkeling and scuba-diving at Seven Mile Beach. This includes sailing on a luxury catamaran, exploring teeming coral reefs, and viewing the wreck of the Kittiwake, a 250-ft sunken submarine vessel.

Underwater at the Cayman Islands Beach
Underwater at the Cayman Islands Beach (Photo Credit: Drew McArthur)

The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa offers friendly staff and a full range of spa treatments. For watersports lovers, the resort’s diving center also offers snorkeling, diving lessons, and wave runner rentals. 

I can definitely recommend their specialty drink, the Pink Sand Beach Cocktail which is served at the beach bar. The resort also has a wonderful pier, on-site scuba diving, and a local tour operator known as White Sands Water Sports. You’ll need a Waterproof Pouch for these types of activities.

12. Which Part of Seven Mile Beach is Best for Snorkeling, Watersports and Activities? 

You may wonder which part of Seven Mile Beach is best for all these activities. The middle to the north end of Seven Mile Beach is considered best because it has more sand. Seven Mile Beach’s southern end is narrower and wider the further north you go.

If you are a tourist or cruiser looking for somewhere to relax on Seven Mile Beach, then we recommend that you visit Cemetery Beach. The northern section of Seven Mile Beach isn’t too busy and has good snorkeling.

13. Stunning Sunsets

They say that the best sunsets usually occur when viewed over water. Whatever the reason, Seven Mile Beach is famous for its flaming sunsets. Facing due west, the beach has panoramic views for uninterrupted sunset viewing from the beach or one of the hotel bars.

Actual Sunset at Seven Mile Beach
Actual Sunset at Seven Mile Beach (Photo Credit: Brittany Dunchus)

As Grand Cayman is close to the Equator, dusk and sunsets usually take place between 5:00 and 7:30 pm. The exact time depends on the location and time of year. 

14. Surprisingly Uncrowded

Seven Mile Beach has a long stretch of white sand, but when several cruise ships are in port, it can get a little crowded. Luckily, the beach is large enough that if you walk further north, you will find a lovely secluded stretch of sand to enjoy a quiet beach day.

15. The Upscale Vibe

The Cayman Islands have a classy, affluent atmosphere that transcends to Seven Mile Beach. If you are looking to “beach bum” like a celebrity, then this is the place.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman (Photo Credit: Angeky)

Luckily, it costs nothing to enjoy since the beach is free. It’s also a terrific photo-op for those Instagram-worthy beach pics that are sure to make friends and colleagues green with envy!

16. Where to eat and drink at Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is overlooked by exclusive condos and high-end resorts such as the luxury Ritz Carlton Hotel. These resorts are a great place to head for cocktails at the bar, and perhaps enjoy tasty seafood from their extensive restaurant. 

Not surprisingly, most of Grand Cayman’s luxury hotels, condos and all-inclusive resorts are located on Seven Mile Beach. They are the best place to find some of the Caribbean’s best cuisine. Diners wanting to watch the sunset with a cocktail in-hand won’t be disappointed by the number of beach bars to be found! 

17. Hotels and Resorts on Seven Mile Beach

Even if you’re only visiting Seven Mile Beach as a port of call from your cruise, you can make use of the facilities at hotels and resorts on Seven Mile Beach. Located in a perfect spot, the Westin Grand Cayman Resort & Spa offers friendly staff, excellent amenities, and numerous dining options.

Hotels on the Beach Front
Hotels on the Beach Front (Photo Credit: Johannes Strom)

Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment or book a diving lesson at the resort’s diving center. Wave runners and snorkeling equipment are also available for rent. The resort is conveniently located 13 minutes from the Owen Roberts International Airport. 

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Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort is located in the heart of Seven Mile Beach. It features all the facilities of a standard Marriott, but is enhanced by its amazing tropical location and breathtaking sea views. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it: 17 wonderful facts about Seven Mile Beach. And if you want a break from the beach, rest assured there are plenty more activities to indulge in nearby.

Explore the charming pastel-painted buildings around George Town, go on food tours, charter a boat to Stingray City, visit Hell Park, or see baby hatchlings at the Turtle Marine Park.

We’re sure that your port day in Grand Cayman will be a highlight of your cruise, especially when you visit Seven Mile Beach. It’s definitely a destination to add to your bucket list next time you’re booking a cruise!

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