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20 Reasons to Cruise on Carnival Magic

All the reasons you need if you're thinking about a cruise on Carnival Magic, covering the best onboard features of the Carnival cruise ship.

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Carnival Magic which is the second Dream-class cruise ship from Carnival Cruise Line has plenty to offer for any type of cruiser. We’re going to make sure you know everything the ship has on offer to make sure your choice of ship is the best it can be.

The ship was officially launched on May 1st in 2011 as sister to Carnival Dream and now Carnival Breeze too. Even though each of them has slightly different decors they all offer the very best from Carnival bringing fun to the seas! If you do want to learn more about all the Carnival ships then go over to this guide.

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How About a Carnival Magic Cruise?

The vessel measures 1,004 Feet-long and is 130,000 gross tons. She is among the largest ships in the fleet so if you do choose to choose the ship for a vacation then expect the very best features and amenities.

1. Spacious Cabins

Yes, you read that right. Space is something rarely associated with ship cabins, but surprisingly Carnival Magic and its magical ways have some of the most spacious staterooms you will see.

Though your budget will dictate whether you stay in a suite, balcony stateroom or an interior, one thing you can expect is some extra space and an adequate storage area. Space is not the only exciting factor about your temporary home base but the neat and modern décor too.

Families will also be happy to learn that they can get connecting staterooms and with the extra space can fit more people in the room.

2. Enjoy Suites

Since you are on vacation, why not splurge a little and go for a suite? Carnival Magic suites offer more room and great perks like a bathtub, living area, more balcony space, and VIP status.

On living luxuriously, you can enjoy a royal pampering with Carnival Magic’s Spa Staterooms which are located on deck 11 and 12. This is the best choice for those seeking complete relaxation and would like to believe that that’s why you are on vacation.

The Spa Staterooms gives you priority deals, complimentary access to the fitness class and easy access to the spa amenities.

Make sure you have your cruise cabin organizer before you go on the ship.

For privacy needs, the cove balcony staterooms on deck 2 are great. The balconies which are located below the lifeboats are hidden from the public eye or any other balcony on the preceding decks. Enjoy the privacy and the sheltered space of a cove balcony.

3. Fun Entertainment

Carnival Magic features great entertainment. You will hardly ever have a dull moment onboard the ship with plenty of activities and entertainment choices available. Some popular entertainment options include the Lip Sync Battle, Punchliner Comedy Shows, and Playlist Productions.

Show your musical talents at the Lip Sync Battle while battling it out against other cruisers for the coveted LSB championship belt and a surprise gift to take home.

Or attend the captivating play list production, a live performance of your favorite playlist.  Or try the rib cracking comedy dished at the Punchliner club.

All this and more make up Carnival’s entertainment. You can learn to dance or go play bingo by day and enjoy live performances from Carnival’s rock stars by night.

4. The Food

Vacation is a time for fun, relaxation, and food.  And Carnival Magic offers great food and plenty of it. Enjoy great dishes in the Main dining room or try customizing at the Lido Market Place.

There are plenty of specialty restaurants that cater to that unique taste that you have. All at a la carte pricing. Such venues include Cucina Del Capitano, originally debuted by this ship. That has become a favorite for Carnival Cruise loyalists.

Other popular dining venues include Guy’s Burger Joint, Blue Iguana Cantina, Pizzeria, and the Mongolian Wok. Don’t miss the great burgers served at Guy’s Burger Joint or the smoked barbeque at the recently added Guy’s Pig and Anchor.

Guy's Burger Joint
Photo By: Carnival Cruise Line

5. Guy’s Pig and Anchor Barbeque Smoke House

A complimentary home-made steak at sea is what you will get at Guy’s Pig and Anchor Barbeque Smoke House. A long name for sure, but it is the latest addition to Carnival Magic and you should try its special big meats.

Enjoy homemade recipes from the barbeque-hall-of-Famer chef, Guy Fieri. Meats such as smoked beef, Pork, Chicken and all-time favorite sides like Mac n cheese and old school potato salad.

All this happens in a lovely outdoor setting. Guys Pig Smokehouse is complimentary and open at lunchtime only.

6. The Alchemy Bar

It’s the most popular bar on Carnival Magic. Where cruisers hang and watch the magic of cocktail making as the mixologist’s mix, blend, shake, ignite, cool, and serve drinks of all flavors. From fruits to spices.

Go for a drink stay for the company. This venue also serves as a great place to chill, hang out and make new friends from the bartender to the random cruiser.

Carnival Horiozn Alchemy Bar
Photo By: Carnival Cruise Line

7. Kids Are Kept Busy

Kid’s fun is included on the Carnival Magic as well. While you have adult fun at Serenity and at other venues, the kid’s will also enjoy the fun at Camp Ocean.

Camp Ocean offers a mixture of the best parts of summer camp for kids aged 2 to 11 years. It’s a good place for the kids to interact, learn, play and have loads of fun all while professional counselors keep an eye on them.

Your littlest ones will have great fun with Dr. Seuss at Sea themed parties, parades, story time, and the popular breakfast of green eggs.

Older kids are also included in the fun at Circle C and Club O2. The former for kids aged 12-14 while the latter for young adults aged 15-17.

In their respective clubs both age groups get to interact, dance, play games, watch movies, and even attend a Carnival version of prom. And if you want a night out with your beloved, you can always go for night owls. A chargeable babysitter service for extra hours in the evening.

8. Water Adventures

Enjoy some water fun out in the middle of the sea. Get to ride Carnival’s signature water slides, the twister, and drainpipe which includes twisting and swirling water slides that are hundreds of feet long.

Splish and splash as you speed through the tubes enjoying the thrilling wet ride. This is a fun activity for all ages. The kid’s water park below features a power drencher, a huge bucket that dumps tones of water on the people below and mini water racers.

The kids get to splash around in the water, while you sprawl out under the sun nearby. The water parks make for one of the most popular features aboard Carnival Magic.

5 Cruise Adventures You Don’t Want to Miss Out On
Photo By: Russell Otway

9. The Lanai

One of the best features aboard Carnival Magic is the Lanai. A half mile open air wrap around the promenade deck. This feature is becoming scarce in newer ships but on Carnival Magic, it’s a long open and unobstructed walk around the ship.

If you enjoy long walks, then you will love a walk on the lanai. It offers stunning vistas and the breeze is a welcoming feel from the intense heat of the Caribbean.

10. The Pools

Carnival Magic has two pools, the beach and tides pool which are located on the front and aft side of the ship’s Lido deck. There are many sun loungers around the pools and live music. This is the best place to go and enjoy the sun or take a deep in the pool.

The ship also has eight Jacuzzis for all you party lovers. If you don’t like the crowds try the whirlpools in the Serenity area or along the Lanai.

Carnival Magic Funnel
Photo: Copyright Cruise Hive

11. Relax at the Spa

Relax at the Cloud 9 Spa on Carnival Magic. The spa on this ship features the elusive thalassotherapy pool, thermal suites, treatment rooms, heated tile loungers, and more.

Enjoy a day of relaxation at the spa as the masseuse work every angle to smooth out the kinks and knots leaving you a refreshed and rejuvenated individual. Enjoy body wraps, massage, and facials that will leave you absolutely chilled and relaxed.

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12. The Adults-Only Retreat

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the ship at the Serenity Adult Retreat. This is the place where you can relax, unwind and truly be an adult. Located on deck 15 and exclusively for people aged 18 and above.

Here you can get away from the kids and enjoy some peace and tranquility. It features a bar, 2 whirlpools, sun loungers, hammocks with large umbrellas and the vistas are stunning.

Once you go to the serenity area, you might not want to leave. Go have a blast, enjoying a cold drink, the breeze, and great views. This is the best place to finish up on that book, have a private moment with your partner or just zone off into a blissful state.

Carnival Magic Exterior
Photo: Copyright Cruise Hive

13. The Sports Square

Hit the sports square for some friendly competition. True, you are on a vacation and exercise might be the last thing on your mind. But the sports square on Carnival Magic offers a zone for chilling out and hanging with friends in a friendly active environment.

Enjoy a game of basketball, volleyball, mini golf, ping pong, foosball, pool table, or board games. Or shed off the extra calories gained on the cruise by hitting the jogging track.

14. The Scenery

A good thing about Carnival Magic is that it has those elusive “Secret observation decks”. They really aren’t secret decks but are less known to most cruisers making them almost empty most of the time.

On a ship that carries about 3,690 passengers, you might want to get away from the masses at times and where best than on one of these observation decks. Find them on the extreme ends of deck 6,7,9,10 and 11. Catch up with your reading, have a private conversation or just enjoy the stunning vistas.

Carnival Magic at Grand Turk
Photo By: Russell Otway

15. Stunning Destinations

This one is an obvious one. Carnival Magic offers well-rounded trips to the Caribbean and its neighborhoods. If visiting a tropical island with postcard-perfect white sandy beaches and crystal clear calm turquoise water is your idea of a vacation. Then you should try cruising with this ship.

Go explore Mayan ruins in lush jungles and discover the mysteries of the world under the water, in underground caves or even flying high up above. All in all, getting to visit far away cultures and their beautiful countries is reason enough to go cruising.

Carnival Magic Cruise Prices

16. The Red Frog Rum Bar

Enjoy Caribbean rum and even greater vibes at the laid-back red frog rum bar. With the ever-present island atmosphere, the bar located at the beach pool on Lido deck is the best place to grab a drink during the day. Enjoy Caribbean flavor at the lively poolside bar while you hang out with your group or even make new friends.

17. Watching Movies Under the Stars

Catch a movie at the Dive-in-movie theater at the seaside theater. The best thing to do after a long day of activities like exploring a port is to come back and chill in front of the huge screen.

Like the one found at the poolside, that shows trending movies live shows, concerts, and performances. Grab a box of popcorn your drink of choice, a blanket and hit a sun lounger in front of the screen and close your day with some good entertainment under the stars.

18. Amazing Crew

Enjoy great and professional customer service from the 1397 professional crew onboard Carnival Magic. The staff on this ship are always ready to help with a smile on the face. They make your stay an enjoyable one from your room steward to your waiter.

Enjoy the towel animals left for you in your room every day at the end of the day. If you receive great service don’t hold back on that tip and a thank you. It’s a great motivator for them.

Carnival's Guy's Burger Joint
Photo By: Russell Otway

19. Ropes Course

Enjoy the thrilling ropes course on Carnival Magic which was originally debuted on this ship first. Seven years later and is now a staple in every other Carnival Ship.

Dare to walk hundreds of feet above the sea surface and get panoramic views of the surroundings and the ship beneath. Test your limits on this obstacle course and check “daring walk above the sea” off of your bucket list. This activity promises lots of fun.

20. Chill at Ocean Plaza

Finally, chill or hang out at the ocean plaza at all times, any time…be it day or night. This is the place where it all comes together, the entertainment, the food, the fun, and the surrounding outsides. Pop in and out, try the food and drinks and enjoy what the new day brings.

Ready for Carnival Magic?

You have just read about 20 reasons why you should cruise on Carnival Magic, but don’t think that that’s a full list. The best thing about the ship is that you can create your own holiday as you go. Enjoy great activities, friendly people and visit some of the world’s greatest destinations.

Also, find out reasons to cruise on these other Carnival ships:

Remember to check where you book your stateroom, rooms found under or above noisy places tend to be noisy.

Also remember booking early is key. Book your spa pass early, book your cruise early, book specialty dining venues early to enjoy discounts and to avoid missing a spot when the places fill up and most fill up fast.

And while the ship throws every type of fun at you, it’s good to remember to slow down and enjoy the vacation. Happy Cruising!!

Covering features which are on the Carnival Magic cruise ship operated by Carnival Cruise Line.

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Covering features which are on the Carnival Magic cruise ship operated by Carnival Cruise Line.
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