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15 Reasons to Cruise on Carnival Breeze

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How about a cruise vacation on Carnival Breeze? The final ship in the dream class offering a perfect way for any type of cruiser to relax and have some fun.

The popular Carnival cruise ship has gone all out to boost its entertainment atmosphere, adding on more exhilarating productions, and fun attractions such as the Waterworks and Sports Square. The ship is truly a fun family vacation at sea and the things to do onboard are endless no matter what type of cruiser you are.

The 15-deck ship has a guest capacity of over 3,640 at double occupancy along with over 1,360 amazing hard working crew members. In fact, a popular reason why people keep cruising with Carnival is due to the friendly and fun crew. Carnival Breeze is one of the largest ships in the fleet just behind the Vista-class at 130,000 gross tons and 1,004 feet long.

1. Carnival Breeze Cabins

The number one reason to cruise with Carnival Breeze is the fact that they have given a great deal of consideration into your new home away from home. The ship has four types of staterooms and all come with their perks and benefits.

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To start with, you save a lot if you choose to cruise in an interior cabin. This cabin is just as cozy as any other Carnival stateroom. It offers all the essentials you would find in other staterooms including the comfort collection linens. The interior stateroom is also roomy and depending on specifications could sleep up to four people.

You can also enjoy the sunshine and great views from the ship’s ocean staterooms. These staterooms are much roomier and great for letting in the sunshine.

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Then there are the balcony staterooms where you can actually enjoy feeling that sunshine on your skin. Enjoy the breeze and the stunning views afforded to you in this kind of stateroom.  All the while enjoying more space within the cabin. But remember you have to part with more cash for this kind of an experience.

Since you are on vacation, why not splurge a little? Suites are the way to go for maximum pampering and enjoyment. The suites on Carnival Breeze are perfect for two or more at times. They come complete with a balcony, walk-in closet, living area and a bathroom with a whirlpool. The VIP status you get for booking any one of these makes you enjoy a royal treatment, all throughout your cruise.

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But for a more relaxing cabin try the Cloud 9 Spa Staterooms. These staterooms are designed to extend the calming and soothing atmosphere up to where you sleep. They adorn earth-neutral colors in shades of amber and sandy yellow that put you into a blissful trance. Best of all they are located near and around the spa area for easy access to the spa. This cabins also come with discounted spa deals.

2. WaterWorks Park

One of the highlights of this ship is the water park. It’s pretty useful in the intense Caribbean sun. The park consists of twisting water slides popularly known as the Twister and Drainpipe.

These thrilling rides are guaranteed to be sweet addictions on this cruise. Other amenities at the park include kid-friendly mini waterslides and a huge tipping bucket that pours tons of water to the eager water lovers beneath it.

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If you are scared of heights or just want to relax and people watch as you do so, then the beach pool at the pool deck is just the place to be. Grab a lounger and catch some rays as you watch the fun from a distance, or take a dip in any of the other two main swimming pools.

Looking to escape the crowds and the rather loud music played at the beach pool? Try the extended whirlpools found on the aft side of Deck 5. They are less crowded and have a nice view of the ocean.

Carnival Breeze
Photo By: Jared (Creative Commons)

3. Entertainment

The entertainment on Carnival Breeze is electric. Featuring three theaters among them the 3-tiered Ovation theater that seats 1349 people occupying a part of deck 3, 4 and 5. 30-minute playlist productions are played in this grand theater backed with a giant LED screen, lights and the works.

Some large-scale performances are backed by a live band performance.  More entertainment is featured in the thrill theater, where effects and motions make the shows almost comes live.

At the Limelight Lounge, all the rib-tickling comedy is dished out. Enjoy a dose of hearty laughter as the comedians from the Punchliner Comedy Club hit you with great jokes.

Another hot entertainment location is the Ocean Side movie theater located on the lido deck. Enjoy a nice film in the middle of the ocean, on a lounge chair, wrapped in a blanket and with a bucket of hot popcorn.

Other entertainment includes the Hasbro game shows that are played in the ovation’s theater during the day. Nightly entertainment includes the casino, Karaoke, and some soul-full music played at the Piano bar.

4. Relaxing Spa Facilities

The Breeze ship also features the stunning Cloud 9 Spa that rivals some of the best land spas. It is fitted with heated tile loungers, saunas, a thalassotherapy pool, and massage rooms. Forget the shackles of your 9-5 work life as you enjoy a special treatment massage for a rich rejuvenating feel.

You are on vacation to relax and Carnival Breeze knows just how to make that happen. Find a moment of respite and tranquility on the heated tile lounger that gently soothes you to a peaceful sleep. The interior décor is also aimed at enhancing your relaxation feel.

Thereafter a rose petal bath awaits you, what could be more invigorating? Book the Spa deal early and enjoy its fruits firsthand.

5. Adult Only Serenity

We can’t talk about relaxing spaces without mentioning the adult only sanctuary. While the breeze is highly family oriented, it also considers the individual cruiser, new couples and also gives parents an escape from their lovely kids.

The serenity adult area is located on Deck 5. It provides a good hideaway where you can relax, think or enjoy a friend or a partner’s companionship. The place features lots of chaise loungers and awnings perfect for catching some rays.

Carnival Breeze Cruise Prices

6. The Lanai

Want to feel like Jack and Rose on the Titanic? There is something about the lanai stretch that brings a romantic feel to the whole sea affair. It’s also one of the great places to find quiet remote stretches.

This stretch wraps around the ship and features a great waterfront walkway. You can find sun loungers in quiet parts of the deck. Here you can sunbathe in peace away from the crowds or continue your reading.

7. Library Bar

Speaking of reading, you can enjoy a book and a glass of wine at the Library bar. The ship features a library with wine dispensers where you can go to read a book or engage in the board games of your choice.

The set-up is serene and meant to stimulate the mind into a reading mood. Here you find likeminded people that want the same thing. Grab a seat, relax and read.

8. A Place for the Kids

The uppermost deck has a separate gaming parlor and water park just for the little ones. You don’t need to be afraid as they are well catered for.

The kids get to enjoy their slides that are well designed to involve fun as well as safety. Feel free to go down the slide with your little ones if they are afraid or even for bonding purposes. Without worrying about breaking anything, the equipment is built to withstand lots of pressure.

9. Camp Ocean

Your teenagers are not forgotten, there is a full basketball court that they can use for more exercise, but more especially Club O2 caters for their needs as its specifically designed for 15-17 year-olds. Your middle-aged young ones also have a place in the ship, the Circle C playhouse.

Here they experience the music lounge, amazing games; scavenger hunts and themed parties. This play area directly connects with the warehouse video arcade which has many games to engage in.

10. Night Owls

The little kids also have their own designated play area complete with professional staff to care for them. Needing an evening away from the kids? You can pay for special babysitter services and go on that overdue date night.

11. The Dining

If you look forward to the eating part of a cruise vacation like we do, then you won’t be disappointed on Carnival Breeze. The ship has two main dining rooms named Blush and Sapphire. One is located on the aft side and the other on the forward side of the ship.

These dining rooms serve great meal choices and even include one lobster night per cruise. The food here is good, especially the melting chocolate cake dessert.

The Specialty Restaurant’s front also has great choices to try out. Some of the most popular specialty venues include Fahrenheit 555, Cucina del Capitano and Bonsai Sushi. Fahrenheit 555 is the place to be for barbeque dinners. Cucina del Capitano on the other hand never disappoints, with its Italian dishes.

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Sushi lovers can try the exceptional Bonsai Sushi which serves great sushi baskets and accompaniments.

Popular eateries around the ship include Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint, The Blue Iguana Cantina, The Red Frog Rum Bar and the Pirate Pizza stand. All these venues are found on deck 10.

Guys Burger Joint
Photo By: Carnival Cruise Line

The Lido Market Place on deck 10 is another popular food area. Here you will find the likes of Carnival Deli, Mongolian Wok, Comfort Kitchen, Indian Tandoor, Salad Bar, Chef’s Choice, Dessert, Swirls, and Good Eats. This is the place to visit for breakfast, lunch, and late-night snack-needs if you don’t feel like doing dinner in the main dining rooms.

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Some notable mentions include the pizza stand where you can have a slice of delicious hot pizza all day long. Guy’s burgers are not to be missed and the chicken and beef tacos served at Blue Iguana are absolutely scrumptious. For your sweet tooth, try the sweet spot located on the Lido, and the Cherry on top venue found in the midship area of deck 5. These two places serve delightful baked goods and every candy imaginable.

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And finally, if you consider yourself a foodie then you have to try the Chef’s Table.  This is a special VIP backstage experience with the Master Executive Chef. Only a select group of 14 can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience, where years of culinary experience combined with world travel are brought together before you in a multi-course dinner.

Enjoy exotic flavors and mind-blowing dishes at this highly sought-after experience. Just make sure to book early in advanced as the table gets booked out fast. This experience will part you with at least $75-$95 but it’s definitely worth it.

Drinks and refreshments are also in plenty, from free drinks to paid drinks. Take advantage of Carnival’s Beverage Package for a great deal on drinks costs. The Ship has all the watering holes that you could ever need. Where fruity concoctions are served, cold beers and even wine.

12. Guy’s Pig and Anchor

Since being unveiled in the Carnival Horizon, Guy’s Pig and Anchor Barbeque has become a hit and thankfully has been rolled out on three more ships including Carnival Breeze.  This complimentary lunchtime joint has brought the Celebrity master chef’s real deal barbeques on board the Breeze.

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Expect to gorge yourself on big meats such as smoked beef, the championship pork butt, Guy’s famous blue-ribbon chicken, and smoked andouille sausage. All this served with American favorites such as mac n cheese and old school potato salad. Guy’s Pig and Anchor is located on the starboard side of deck 5.

13. RedFrog Pub

The Redford Rum Bar is without a doubt, one of Carnival Breeze’s most popular bar. The mood there resembles a Caribbean island mood. Enjoy the bar’s lively atmosphere coupled with island-inspired snacks and drinks, including the Thirsty Frog-Red brewed by the Bar specifically for Carnival.

Then try your hand at foosball while enjoying live music played at the place. The bar is located in the midship area of the promenade deck. The more you visit the more attached you become.

14. SportsSquare

After such tasty servings and most of them complimentary, you are bound to add a few pounds. Luckily apart from a fully equipped gym, the ship also has a sports square on its top deck. The sports square features popular games such as basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and a miniature golf course. It’s a great place to engage in friendly matches and lose a bit of that added weight.

The thrill doesn’t stop there. The sports square also features a rope course. Suspended over 150ft above Sea level, this challenge is guaranteed to be a memory you will never forget. Face your fears, and test your limits on the two-track rope challenge course.

15. The Arts

From the moment you step into the lounge area of Carnival Breeze, you will be greeted by a world of art. Starting with the suspended fabric lanterns that give the atrium such an exotic artsy look. To the walkway through Deck 4 in the midship area where there is a Gallery walk. The walls along this walkway are adorned with great works of art.

On Auction days, guests are allowed to bid these great pieces of art at discounted prices. If you are interested in arts, this is one more reason to cruise with Carnival Breeze.

Here are Reasons to Cruise on other Carnival Cruise Ships:

See you onboard….

One more thing to put into consideration is that this ship is very affordable, thanks to the newer ships in the Cruise line which have taken the price pressure off of Carnival Breeze. There are plenty of other reasons to cruise with the ship as well, but those are for you to find out once onboard.

Parting advice, keep an open mind, say yes more and remember to relax. Happy cruising!!

If you're thinking about a cruise vacation with Carnival Cruise Line then read these reasons to choose the Carnival Breeze ship.

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If you're thinking about a cruise vacation with Carnival Cruise Line then read these reasons to choose the Carnival Breeze ship.
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