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Princess Cruises Most Prolific Passenger Passes Away

Lorraine Arzt travelled with Princess Cruises for over 5000 days which is almost 14 years solid at sea.  In her younger days most of it was done with her beloved husband Joe who passed away in 2002. She was an iconic legend amongst regular passengers and crew members alike who treated her as one of their own. After Joe died, and she returned to cruising, the Princess Cruises crew made sure she was never alone, often taking it in turns to sit with her. She even had her own embroidered cushion with “Lorraine” on it and always had a glass of Moët in her hand.

It’s not surprising that when the news broke last night of her passing that many facebook groups associated with Princess Cruises began their outpouring of love and loss.  Many recalled stories of Lorraine’s generosity and warmth of heart to her maritime family.

All I know is that tonight Lorraine will be with her beloved Joe, glass of Moët in hand, cruising the heavens in style.



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