Princess Cruises Makes a Policy Change on Benefits

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Princess Cruises has recently announced updates to its shareholder and military benefits program, which have left many who are both shareholders and military members disappointed.

The changes, set to take effect on June 29, 2023, involve alterations to the ability to combine and refund onboard credits for these groups.

Shareholder Benefits

Princess Cruises sent a letter on June 15 to shareholders and military members announcing several changes to how the onboard credits they are eligible for can be applied. The change is effective from June 29, for all voyages departing on or after that date.

Shareholders who own 100 shares or more of Carnival Corporation, the parent company of Princess Cruises, can enjoy onboard credits on every cruise they take with a Carnival Corporation cruise brand.

Princess Cruises Deck
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Under the new policy, the Shareholder and Military onboard credit will no longer be combinable for guests who qualify for both benefits. This means that eligible individuals who are both military members and shareholders will need to choose between the two types of credits rather than being able to benefit from both as they could previously.

It’s also important to note that the Shareholder onboard credit will be non-refundable. Any unspent Shareholder onboard credit cannot be reimbursed or carried over to future cruises. 

The shareholder onboard credit is available for most sailing onboard the ships sailing for one of the nine Carnival Corporation cruise brands. To claim the Shareholder benefit, individuals must provide their legal name, booking number, ship and sailing date, and proof of stock ownership to the designated contact for the specific cruise line they are sailing with.

Military Benefits

Princess Cruises also offers a special onboard credit program for active military, retired military, and disabled military veterans. 

Eligible guests from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, including various service divisions such as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserves, and respective British branches, can enjoy onboard credits based on the length of their voyage.

Princess Cruises Ship
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However, under the updated policy, the Military onboard credit will now be non-refundable. This means that any unused portion of the credit will not be reimbursed. Previously, guests may have been able to receive a refund for the remaining Military onboard credit after the cruise.

To claim the military benefit, individuals must submit a request form along with required proof of eligibility, such as active personnel verification certificates, military identification, or other appropriate proof of service issued by the respective military departments.

Onboard Credit Amount and Distribution

The recent updates to Princess Cruises’ shareholder and military benefits program have left many shareholders and military members disappointed. While the onboard credits are still available for both groups, they are no longer combinable for individuals who qualify for both benefits, which will affect many guests.

The onboard credit amounts for shareholders and military guests vary based on the length of the cruise. For cruises lasting six days or less, shareholders will receive $50 per stateroom, while military guests will receive $50 per person. 

For cruises ranging from 7 to 13 days, shareholders will receive $100 per stateroom, and military guests will receive $100 per person. Finally, for voyages lasting 14 days or longer, shareholders will enjoy $250 per stateroom, while military guests will receive $250 per person. 

It is important for shareholders and military members to be aware of these changes and consider their circumstances before making decisions. 

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