Princess Cruises Launches Brand New Ad Campaign

Princess Cruises has launched a huge advertising campaign called “Come Back New” The Ad spots have already started TV and will also be featured in Magazines, radio and online.

The new campaign cost the cruise line $20 Million making it one of the largest ever for Princess Cruises which is operated by Carnival. This will also be the first marketing campaign on radio and TV for Princess for over a decade!

[quote_box_center]“This new campaign is an exciting opportunity for us to differentiate Princess Cruises in the minds of travelers,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president. “After extensive research, we identified a growing segment of people who want their vacations to transform them with new perspectives, new friendships and new stories. They are increasingly looking to discover new places, learn about other cultures, try new foods from the places they’re visiting, and gain inspiration from the world they don’t see every day. They want to ‘come back new,’ and our new campaign shows that Princess is the best cruise line to deliver this to them.”[/quote_box_center]

Your now wondering what the ads are, well below we have several of the TV spots that have already started on many TV networks. The ads show a personal side to cruising and are in a slow motion effect. Each spot is targeting a specific audience from a young family to an old couple. The ads can inspire and remind us all that when we have finished the cruise we should “Come Back New!” The ads also show special moments between people, which is what cruising is all about.

[quote_box_center]“Our new advertising theme really captures the essence of our brand promise to our passengers,” Swartz continued. “The ads were actually inspired by our passengers’ stories about how they return from their cruise vacation feeling rejuvenated and more closely connected with their loved ones, and with fresh perspectives stimulated by the beauty of the ocean, of the world and other cultures they visited, and their onboard experiences.”[/quote_box_center]

Not all the ads will begin at the same time and will roll out throughout January. So below are the new TV Ads, let us know which ones you like the most at the comments on the bottom of the page.

Come Back New with Princess Cruises

The first ad we’re showing you is the longest and explains what cruising is all about. Princess want you to experience new things about others and yourself. The cruise line shows how important it is for guests to go home as a new person and share the amazing new adventures which they had on a Princess cruise ship.

“You Know Him” – Princess Cruises TV Commercial

This ad is aimed at the older cruiser and what you can learn from experiencing something new from Europe and no mater how long you have known someone they can still surprise you!

“Memories” – Princess Cruises TV Commercial

This ad is all about the kids and family, showing a special moment with the dad while walking on the open deck. The Caribbean is also the focus of this ad.

“Time” — Princess Cruises TV Commercial

This ad tells you how valuable time can be and to never rush a perfect moment. It also hows that you should also pay attention to your loved one. The ad focuses on Alaska cruising.

So some pretty good ads, what do you think?


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