Princess Cruises Details New Embarkation Procedure

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Princess Cruises has announced a significant update to its embarkation procedures. Moving away from the pandemic-era system of scheduled arrival times, the cruise line will now employ a three-tiered approach. 

This new system, comprised of the Green Lane, Blue Lane, and Accessibility Lane, is expected to offer a smoother embarkation process for guests. Set to be launched in August 2023, it will offer guests much more freedom and choice when they want to arrive at the port and board their cruise ship. 

Princess Cruises Unveils New Embarkation Tiers

Starting August 1, 2023, Princess Cruises will begin operating a new embarkation system, with guests divided into three tiers: Green Lane, Blue Lane, and Accessibility Lane. 

The new system has been designed to differentiate the guests based on the completion of their travel checklist and the delivery of their Medallion.

The Green Lane will cater to guests who have completed their travel checklist and have chosen to get their Medallion shipped to their homes. This category will allow for expedited embarkation and a quicker boarding process. However, guests who fit the Green Lane criteria but opt out of having their Medallion shipped will be reassigned to the Blue Lane.

Discovery Princess in Los Angeles
Discovery Princess in Los Angeles (Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks / Shutterstock)

The Blue Lane will host guests who have partially or fully completed their travel checklist but have decided against shipping their Medallion. They will receive their Medallions at the cruise terminal and can still look forward to a streamlined check-in.

For guests with mobility or other accessibility needs, the Accessibility Lane will ensure that their check-in process is as smooth as possible, regardless of the status of their Medallion.

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The Medallion is part of the Ocean Medallion technology, which aims to enhance the guest experience by making it more personalized and efficient. This device can do many tasks, such as unlocking the stateroom door, allowing cashless payments, assisting with navigation around the ship, and making it easier for the crew to locate guests who have ordered food or drinks.

Changes in Arrival and Boarding Procedures

One of the most significant changes is removing the previously scheduled arrival times. From August 1, 2023, guests can arrive within the published check-in window at a time that suits them. This substantial change will likely satisfy guests who did not favor the previously scheduled arrival times.

“This new system will offer guests a more efficient embarkation experience,” Princess Cruises stated. “We are excited about these enhancements and look forward to making our guests’ vacations even more effortless. We appreciate their continued support.”

Princess Cruises Ship
Photo Credit: EWY Media / Shutterstock

Additionally, the digital boarding pass has been updated. Available 11 days before the sailing date via the Princess app, it will now include key guest information such as the deck and stateroom number.

Princess Cruises’ move to a more flexible and efficient embarkation procedure reflects the cruise industry’s gradual return to regular operations after the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Guests who have booked cruises commencing in early August will be the first to benefit from this change. This means guests sailing onboard Sapphire Princess from Whittier, Alaska, on August 2 and guests sailing on August 4 onboard Caribbean Princess, Crown Princess, and Diamond Princess from Quebec, Vancouver, and Yokohama, respectively. 

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