Princess Cruise Ship Has 41 New Coronavirus Infections

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The quarantined princess cruise ship has got another 41 cases of the deadly Coronavirus which brings the total to 61.

Diamond Princess Totals 61 Coronavirus Infections

In the latest development from the Quarantined princess cruise ship those who have been infected with the Coronavirus have increased again. Another 41 people onboard Diamond Princess has been confirmed which brings the total to 61.

Of those who have just been tested positive for the virus, it includes one from Argentina, five from Australia, five from Canada, 21 from Japan, one from the UK and eight from the U.S. The Japanese Ministry of Health has confirmed that this is the last bath tested for the virus and the number is not expected to rise.

Princess Cruises has also announced that the quarantine for Diamond Princess will come to an end on February 19. Until then extra manpower is being provided onboard by the Japanese health authorities and guests are being well looked after.

Coronavirus Coverage:

Princess Cruises has provided free internet and telephone service to everyone so guests can keep in touch with family back home. Eight new satellite tv channels have been added, more than 80 new video-on-demand releases have been available to watch and more. As guests have been kept in their staterooms, those staying in the interior cabins with no natural sun lights have been allowed time outside. The cruise line has been doing all it can to keep everyone comfortable and entertained in their cabins.

Princess Cruises has not yet detailed what will happen once the Quarantine will come to an end. There is a cruise scheduled to depart Yokohama, Japan which the vessel is currently located on February 20. The February 4 and 12 sailings have already been canceled.

Just yesterday we posted about 10 additional cases of the Coronavirus and the passengers were disembarking the ship at the port while the ship was taking on supplies. All those infected along with the first batch days ago are receiving medical care at hospitals in Japan.

The Coronavirus started onboard the ship after a Hong Kong man disembarked the vessel on January 25. he lady felt unwell and was confirmed to have the virus. Since then authorities have locked down the ship into quarantine and tested hundreds onboard including crew members.

Right now the deadly Virus which started from the Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei province has according to the World Health Organization (WHO) infected 31,420 around the world and killed 638, mainly in China.

Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Docked in Japan

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Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Docked in Japan
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