Cruise Tips Discover Possibly The Most Inspiring Cruise Line Ads

Possibly The Most Inspiring Cruise Line Ads

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Sometimes we all think about that dream cruise holiday watching the ocean while relaxing in the sunshine. The reality is it’s a dull rainy Monday morning and we really could do with some inspiration to book that cruise. Well, we’ve come across some inspiring cruise line ads that can help us do just that. The ads featured below are from some of the world’s largest cruise lines which are constantly trying to inspire new and experienced cruisers.┬áLet’s take a look at some commercials which could possibly push us in the right direction to booking a cruise of a lifetime.

This Carnival ad inspires by showing how important cruise holiday memories are. The ad shows people who have cruised on a carnival ship and how important it is to never forget. It was released in September 2013.

Royal Caribbean

This Royal Caribbean Shell ad is one of our favorites of all time. The cruise line has come up with something which is fun but also shows real people’s opinions on cruising. The ad features a shell which people on the street talk into, and guess what the shell talks back!

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises have really come up with not just an inspiring ad but the “Come Back New” motto really makes us think if this is possible. The ad explains that by taking a Princess Cruise it can remind cruisers what traveling is all about and how it can enrich people not just during the cruise but also after.

P&O Cruises

We’re used to watching slow relaxing ads from the British cruise line but this ad it very different. It makes you realize how much and P&O cruise ship can do and that it can sail all over the world. P&O actually have many different ads and there are also some other inspiring ones.

Norwegian Cruise Line

This NCL ad is pretty straightforward with no fancy narrator but whats inspiring about it is the amazing renderings of the Norwegian Breakaway. Showing New York city on top of the cruise ship explains a lot and it’s a view most people will never forget.

Costa Cruises

This Costa ad reminds us how daunting everyday life can be especially first thing in the morning! The footage shows lots of damage all from trying to stop the morning alarm. Then the ad goes into a whole lot of fun and relaxation onboard a Costa ship.

There’s so many inspiring cruise line ads out there. Some of the featured ads above were difficult to choose. If you have any of your own inspiring cruise line videos feel free to tell us about them in the comments below.

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