This Is How The Port Pilot Gets On A Cruise Ship Before It’s Arrival!

Have you ever been cruising and seen that small pilot-boat circle the ship when your either arriving into port of departing? Well this video shows how cool and collected the pilot actually is and just how scary getting on and off that small boat can be.

The port pilot is someone who knows the local waters well and every time a vessel enters or leaves the port the pilot goes onboard to navigate the ship right up to the docking procedure. The Pilot boat will meet the cruise ship before it enters the port but when the ship is moving it can be scary and dangerous.

As you can see from the video footage this pilot is just cool and collective. Two of them hop off the small boat and go up a small ladder on to the cruise ship while both vessels are moving. In this case the pilot transferred from the Endeavour boat to the Oosterdam in the Queen Charlotte Sound, and might we just add that the Oosterdam is looking really nice!


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