Port Canaveral Improves Charging Options for Electric Vehicles

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Port Canaveral has announced a significant facility upgrade that will greatly benefit electric vehicle owners. In a collaborative effort with Florida Power & Light Company, Port Canaveral is set to introduce six new FPL EVolution Level 3 fast charging stations.

With more and more Americans owning electric vehicles, the option to charge a vehicle after a cruise is a welcome addition to those driving their car to the port ahead of their cruise.

Enhanced Convenience for Cruise Guests

Port Canaveral is enhancing its facilities for guests driving their electric vehicles to the port ahead of their cruise. With the addition of six FPL EVolution Level 3 fast charging stations guest can quickly charge their car after disembarking from their cruise ships.

The state-of-the-art charging stations, which will be located in the Cove District parking lot, are designed to provide a swift and efficient charging experience, and take away the fear that guests will not be able to charge their vehicles post-cruise near the Port Canaveral parking areas.

The Level 3 fast chargers, regarded as the fastest available today, can fully charge most electric vehicles within an hour. 

Port Canaveral CEO Capt. John Murray: “We’re delighted to incorporate these charging stations into the publicly accessible infrastructure at Port Canaveral. This initiative underscores our commitment to provide our guests and visitors with a high-quality customer experience while at the Port.”

As one of the world’s busiest cruise ports, Port Canaveral continues to grow while maintaining a strong focus on sustainable practices. As you can see in the map below, the new charging spaces are located near the Exploration Tower, just off Mullet Road:

Port Canaveral Vehicle Charging Locations
Port Canaveral Vehicle Charging Locations

The introduction of these charging stations is part of a broader initiative by Port Canaveral to align with its environmental stewardship goals, which also includes investing millions of dollars in stormwater improvements and environmental initiatives to ensure water quality and habitat protection. 

Bob Musser, Port Canaveral’s Senior Director of Environmental: “For a few years, we’ve noticed growing interest from Port visitors who operate electric vehicles. These stations will offer the option to ‘top off’ the charge before hitting the road after enjoying our Port.”

The new charging stations, including one compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, are expected to be fully operational in less than a year. There are also potential plans for additional charging stations in the future.

Impact Beyond Port Canaveral

The presence of Level 3 charging stations at Port Canaveral is particularly significant for Brevard County, where such facilities are currently limited. These stations offer a much faster charging experience compared to the more commonly used Level 2 charging stations, potentially being up to fifteen times quicker.

Port Canaveral Vehicle Charging
Port Canaveral Vehicle Charging

Peter Martinez, a representative of the Florida Power & Light Company, emphasized the broader implications of this initiative. “This initiative to install fast chargers is an opportunity for the Port to meet the needs of the growing population of EV drivers in our state and continue to create awareness for the benefits of going electric.”

The new FPL EVolution fast chargers at Port Canaveral are part of a larger network. They will join more than 100 public fast-charging locations that FPL offers to EV drivers across Florida. This expansion not only enhances the infrastructure at Port Canaveral but also contributes to the statewide efforts to support the use of electric vehicles.

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