Locations in St Maarten Destroyed by Hurricane Irma

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As Hurricane Irma continues to cause widespread devastation across the Caribbean here are more cruise ship passenger locations destroyed in the once busy destination of St. Maarten.

The destruction Hurricane Irma left behind on the island of St. Maarten is just total sadness for us. We see photos coming out of the once stunning cruise destination of once bustling cruise passenger locations which were full of happiness.

Now all we see are collapsed and destroyed restaurants, bars, a turned up beach, destroyed marina and more in Philipsburg St. Maarten. Just a look at some recent photos posted on our partner page I Like Cruise Ships:

The Cruise Ship Port

Now many cruisers have been wondering about the cruise pier and port in St. Maarten. We’ve been trying to find out since Hurricane Irma passed on Wednesday. From what we can tell the cruise pier has been destroyed or partially destroyed, In some video footage below the local resident does mention that the pier is gone but in other helicopter footage we do see a tiny glimpse of some pier.

It is worth noting St. Maarten has expanded in recent years and there was a pier for very large cruise ships like the Oasis-class, a pier for not so large cruise ships and then a much smaller marina type pier for the tender ferries which took cruise passengers downtown. It isn’t clear which pier is gone but we do think if the large cruise ship piers were still there we would have been able to get a view of them. It also leads us to believe that they have been totally wiped out because there is nothing to film in the helicopter footage.

So sad to see these images and we do hope the both sides of the island get as much help as possible. There is even more bad news as Hurricane Jose is also set to hit on Saturday. If you are hoping to cruise to this once popular cruise destination we can tell you that it isn’t going to happen for a while.


Does now seem the cruise piers held up well which we are really happy to hear. But with buildings and infrastructure destroyed or damaged will still take some time for cruise ships to begin calls.

St. Maarten Hurricane Destruction

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St. Maarten Hurricane Destruction
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