Cruise News Holland America Line Pilot Ditches Aircraft Near Cruise Ship In Pacific Ocean

Pilot Ditches Aircraft Near Cruise Ship In Pacific Ocean

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On January 25th one of the oddest ever rescues from a cruise ship took place after a small troubled aircraft was forced to be ditched into the ocean by its pilot who was then rescued.

The United States Coast Guard caught everything on camera as the pilot ran out of fuel on his way to Maui, Hawaii on Sunday. At the time the plane was around 253 miles northeast of the island in the Pacific Ocean. The Coats Guard has released footage of the unique incident which thankfully ended up with no injuries:

“Congratulations to the team on ms Veendam for coming to the aid of the pilot and for working together with the Coast Guard to conduct this successful rescue operation,” said Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America Line. “January has been an eventful month for our ships with several rescues around the world, and we are honored to be able to assist in any distress situation when needed.”

The plane was a single engine Cirrus SR-22 and during the time the plane went down the pilot was able to deploy the aircraft’s airframe parachute system so hitting the ocean would not cause any harm. Thankfully the ms Veendam which is operated by Holland America Line was nearby to rescue the pilot by launching a rescue boat. We’ve had some dramatic cruise ship rescues so far in 2015 and all have ended well so we hope this continues.

Veendam currently is in the middle of an 18-day Circle Hawaii cruise roundtrip from San Diego, Calif., which departed Jan. 20.

Veendam Rescue

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Veendam Rescue
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