Cruise News Ports The People Of Charleston Say No To New Cruise Terminal

The People Of Charleston Say No To New Cruise Terminal

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A proposed new terminal in Charleston, SC is not setting in so well with the locals. That’s right most places are ecstatic to hear of more cruise ship tourists in their town, but not the people of South Carolina.

State Port Authority plans to build a new cruise terminal at Union Pier. The Army Corps. of Engineers is waiting on federal permit to start on the project, and SPA is the one applying for the permit. The SPA sent in the application for the permit last month, and the project is worth $35 million. It’s easy to see the motivating factor.

Many residents have band together against the SPA. Resident from the historic Ansonborough neighborhood have gathered letters of opposition and are standing the ground against the state and fed. Kristopher King, the executive director of the Preservation Society of Charleston stated in his letter.

Kristopher King Executive Director of the Preservation Society of Charleston:

“Will have a significant visual impact on scores of historic structures, altering the feel and character of the district.” “However, only through the establishment and enforcement of safeguards will the integrity of the District be protected.”

It’s good to note that not all residents are absolutely against the proposal, but the most are. Most residents aren’t buying the fact that it will help the local economy, and even said they don’t need the cruise industry tourist who just buy trinkets and T-shirts. Highly understandable Ansonborough is a prosperous neighborhood. Carnival Ecstasy would make the proposed port its home port. The Carnival Ecstasy is a 70,367 ton ship with a passenger capacity of 2,634.


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