Cruise News These Passengers Get A Surprise On Their Tender Back To The Cruise...

These Passengers Get A Surprise On Their Tender Back To The Cruise Ship

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Carnival Cruise Line Cancels More Sailings Due to Australia Ban

Carnival Cruise Line in Australia has announced a further extension on its pause of operations in Australia due to a further ban by the country.

Cruise News Update: More Extensions!

What a busy week of cruise news it was! We saw even further extensions on the pause on operations from cruise lines.

Filipino Crew Member Dies on Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship

A crew member from the Philippines has sadly died on the Scarlet Lady cruise ship which is operated by Virgin Voyages.

Virgin Voyages Won’t Begin Sailings Until October

Virgin Voyages has announced that cruises won't begin until the middle of October due to an extension of its pause on operations.

Cruise Hive came across this video that shows how exciting a tender boat ride back to the cruise ship can be!

From what we can tell the video was taken during a tender boat ride back to an Australian based cruise ship. The ride back looks choppy and with the high speeds of the tender it’s common for waves to spray over passengers. But this time passengers are surprised with water coming through the window hatches above and to the side. One passenger seems to have been totally soaked and half way through the video another large wave hits the tender boat.

The good news is that passengers saw the funny side of it and were laughing throughout the ordeal. Footage even shows one of the tender boat workers laughing too! We’re sure everyone got back safely and managed to dry off before the evening’s entertainment on the cruise ship.

Tender Boat

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Tender Boat
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