Is it your first time to go on a cruise? For sure, your packing list is brimming with items that you end up packing more than what your suitcase can accommodate. Excess baggage is a hassle especially when you have to take the plane, transfer from one cab to another before finally boarding the ship. The trick here is to bring clothes that can be mixed and matched. Also, some items are pretty expensive on board the ship so it would be a good idea to pack some. Here are seven items on our list.

Casual wear

Shorts, jeans, cotton shirts, khakis, slacks, polo shirts, capri pants, tank tops and sundresses. For shoes, it can be flipflops, sneakers, sandals, boat shoes, loafers, ballet flats or athletic shoes. This can be anything you would wear on the deck. This also include resort wear, which is what you usually wear when going to country clubs. Don’t forget to pack a pair of socks too.

Informal wear

Informal wear is somewhat more formal than casual but less formal than formal wear. They also call this semi-formal for some cruise lines. It can be a shirt, slacks with a sport coat or blazer for men. For women, it can be anything that you would usually wear to a wedding (not a formal one) such as a cocktail dress. It would be a good idea for women to bring a tailored blazer, scarf and shawl. These items can easily turn a casual attire into an informal one.

Formal wear

Since most cruise ships have formal nights, a long evening dress or dinner gown is a must for women coupled with a strappy or any heeled shoes. It would be nice to bring a necklace perhaps to go with the ensemble. Just do not bring too much valuables. For men, a tux or a business suit is necessary with dress shoes.

Travel wallet

Choose a travel wallet where all your documents like passport, tickets, IDs, boarding pass and printouts would fit.

Extra batteries for camera and cellphone / powerbank for cellphone and laptop

Gadget batteries can be quite expensive on board a ship and you don’t want to miss capturing the precious moments in your trip. In addition, it would be wise to keep your cellphone on all the time for emergency purposes.

OTC meds

There’s a doctor on board and medicines are available but it would not hurt to bring your own, right? Painkillers, anti-diarrheals, cold medications and anti-histamines can be somewhat expensive. Most of the time, tablets for motion or seasickness are free.

Seasonal wardrobe

Bring a jacket or cardigan with you. Whether you are on a Caribbean cruise, Alaskan cruise or South American cruise, you can’t predict the weather.  It would be wise though to bring gloves or a fleece jacket if you are going to a colder region. Of course, don’t forget to pack your swimwear, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen for swim time whether in the ship’s pool or offshore.

Bring a carry-on with you where you can put your wallet, camera, phone, travel wallet, meds and any extra clothing when you go for in-shore activities. Make sure to pack an extra plastic bag or Ziploc. You’ll never know when you need it. And lastly, save some extra space in your luggage for some souvenirs you get along the way.