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P&O Show Off Their New Brochure

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Cruise Ship to Begin “Super Seacation” Sailings

Dream Cruises will be doing what they call Seacation Cruises, two and three-night cruises.

Financial Analysts Think No Cruises Until March

According to a paper published by Macquarie Financial Services, reported by Barrons, it is unlikely that cruising would resume next month.

CDC Still Advises Against All Cruise Travel Worldwide

While the cruise industry awaits a decision on the No-Sail-Order for December, the CDC still recommends that travelers defer all cruise travel worldwide.

Cruise Lines Likely to Hike Fees Once Things Calm

An industry that has burned over a billion USD a month over the last six months will need to make money somewhere.

P&O have announced lots of details about their launch for 2015/16 cruises.

Each itinerary in the brochure will be categorised after intensive customer feedback as either Gold, Silver or Bronze depending on it’s appeal.

In 2015/16 P & O will :-

– sail 25 seas
– cruise 662004 nautical miles
– vist 81 ports in 61 countries
– feature 211 cruises with 38 maiden calls

Top 10 New Destinations for the fleet will be:-

Fort William

The fleet will have 65 overnight calls in 12 destinations including Manaus, Quebec, St Petersburg, Seville, Istanbul and Venice.

Ocean will replace Ventura on the med/fly cruises whilst Azura is joined by Britannia for caribbean/fly cruises. Adonia will also be doing a series of Caribbean cruises into smaller ports such as Tobago, Banana Coast, St Barts and Bequia.

Past passengers will be entitled to a 5% loyalty discount and along with new customers will be able to choose a benefit such as on board credit, free coach or free car parking.

The new brochure is a move away from the more traditional brochure and features coloured navigation bars and a clean crisp approach.

P & O 2015/16 goes on sale for its top loyalty tiers on Thursday 3rd April 2014 at 8am and onĀ general sale from Monday 7th April 2014 at 8am.

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