Just a day ago we reported on a possible Norovirus outbreak on the Celebrity Infinity and now the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is reporting that there has also been a possible outbreak on a Royal Caribbean ship.

The CDC states that the Legend of the Seas has had a gastrointestinal outbreak with 114 passengers sick out of 1,763. Only 2 crew members have had the sickness so far which causes vomiting and diarrhea.

The gastrointestinal illness is usually known as Norovirus but this has not yet been confirmed. CDC officers will board legend of the Seas once it arrives in San Diego on April 14th. The officers will investigate the outbreak and take samples.

Royal Caribbean has activated its Outbreak procedures which includes extra sanitation, cleaning and hand hygiene. the Norovirus can be common on cruise ships and on land and most cruise lines will have set plans for these situations. Crew also usually do extra port cleaning with extra shifts and cleaning materials.

The 69,472 ton Legend of the Seas departed Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 30th on a 15 night Panama Canal cruise. The Royal Caribbean vessel will complete the voyage once it arrives in San Diego on April 14th. Celebrity Infinity was also sailing a Panama Canal cruise that also departed Fort Lauderdale a day before legend of the Seas, that ship is also arriving into San Diego today (April 13th), You can read about that report right here.

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