65,000 Guests Already Sailed With One Cruise Line from Hong Kong

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Since July, more than 65,000 guests have sailed onboard Genting Dream from Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in downtown Kowloon. The Super Seacations have captured the hearts of the residents who have been flocking to the port in the past 100 days. 

While the focus in the west has been on cruises resuming in the US, South America, and Europe, Genting has been quietly working away to get cruises operating in Asia. With two ships now sailing in Hong Kong and Singapore, the cruise line has managed to work itself through the various roadblocks that have seen other cruise lines cancel their offerings in the region.

Genting Dream Celebrated 100 Days of Safe Sailings

Genting Dream commenced operations on July 31, 2021, and celebrated 100 days of successful cruising from Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal last November 6. The milestone coincided with the 800th cruise ship call at the cruise terminal, the traditional homeport for Genting. The company accounts for nearly half of the 800 calls.

Genting Dream in Hong Kong
Genting Dream in Hong Kong (Photo Courtesy: Dream Cruises)

Kent Zhu, President of Genting Cruise Lines said, “Following on the recent announcement of World Dream completing one year of operations in Singapore since COVID-19, Genting Cruise Lines is doubly proud to have achieved this second milestone for Dream Cruises in Hong Kong.

I would also like to congratulate Kai Tak Cruise Terminal on achieving their landmark 800th cruise ship call, and we are thrilled to help them realize this milestone,” said Mr. Kent.“We have been very encouraged by Genting Dream’s first 100 days in Hong Kong providing our guests with a safe and fun space at sea, and we have received tremendous feedback from guests of all ages and across demographics.

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Dream Cruises 800 Calls
Photo Courtesy: Dream Cruises

The cruises from Hong Kong harbor provide locals with one of the few options for a vacation. With some guests choosing to sail multiple times:

Mr. Billy Lam, a cruise passenger onboard Genting Dream: “Since Genting Dream resumed operations in Hong Kong, I have already enjoyed a few Weekend Seacations and I find the onboard experience even more enjoyable than before – with better arrangements, great food and entertainment. I hope that Genting Dream will continue to provide the people of Hong Kong with Super Seacations, where we can enjoy a real vacation away from the city.”

Hong Kong Doesn’t Make it Easy

Sailing on a cruise from Hong Kong is not as easy as it sounds. Guests will need to be fully vaccinated at least 14-days before the cruise starts, and they should have a negative PCR-RT nasal swab test taken no more than 48-hours before 1:00 PM on embarkation day.

The protocols don’t only apply to the guests, though. Only a few weeks ago, a crew member onboard Royal Caribbean’s Spectrum of the Seas initially tested positive for COVID-19, and the cruise line was immediately forced to suspend all sailings for 21 days by the local government.

Spectrum of the Seas in Hong Kong
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean

This came after multiple delays before that, which involved a lack of hotel rooms for crew quarantine in Hong Kong and strict travel restrictions, making travel to Hong Kong virtually impossible.

The fact that Genting Dream has been operating for 100 days is not just worth a celebration; it means the cruise line has been taking all the right steps to ensure sailing is done safely.

Genting Cruise Lines

Genting is a name that may be familiar for most, even though they never sailed onboard a Dream cruises ship. The company owns and operates three separate cruise lines and is currently the 5th largest cruise operator worldwide. One of those cruise lines is Dream Cruises, there is also Star Cruises, and most notably, the company also owns and operates Crystal Cruises.

Global Dream Rendering
Rendering Via: Dream Cruises

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For Dream Cruises, the company operates three different vessels. Explorer Dream, formerly known as Superstar Virgo, is the smallest ship out of the three with 75,338 gross tons. There are two sister ships, Genting Dream sailing from Hong Kong and World Dream sailing from Singapore, that measure 151,300 gross tons, with space for 3,376 passengers at double occupancy.

By 2022, the company will be launching the first of two cruise ships, which will be the biggest in the world by passenger numbers, with 208,000 gross tonnes, 9,500 passengers, and 2,200 crew members Global Dream. The ship will also feature the longest rollercoaster at sea, worldwide.

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