Cruise News Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Star Suffers Propulsion Failure And Being Towed Back To Port

Norwegian Star Suffers Propulsion Failure And Being Towed Back To Port

Norwegian Star has suffered an azipod propulsion failure and as a result, being towed back to port.

The azipod malfunction occurred during the early hours of Friday morning. The NCL operated vessel does still have onboard power and all services are operating as normal. The vessel is being towed to Melbourne Australia where it will arrive Saturday afternoon so a further investigation into the propulsion system can begin.

In a letter sent to guests onboard, the cruise line will send a revised itinerary once the ships repair status is known. A full day in Melbourne can be enjoyed while repairs are being made.

Captain Letter

Norwegian Star is a 91,700 gross ton vessel and can carry over 2,300 guests at double occupancy. The ship is currently on a 34-day cruise from Hong Kong, China to Aukland, New Zealand is scheduled to complete the voyage on February 18.

Norwegian Cruise Line is letting guests disembark the ship if they like with the cruise line providing a flight credit of up to $350 per person to Aukland. The cruise line is also helping with travel plans directly home. All passengers are to received a full refund and a 50% credit towards a future cruise.


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