Norwegian Getaway Departing PortMiami Is Just What’s Needed

Exclusively for Cruise Hive readers, watch as Norwegian Getaway departs PortMiami on another Caribbean cruise. Watch the stunning ship and surrounding area by Miami Drone Flights.

This is now the second video which Cruise Hive readers have been able yo watch before the rest of the world and it doesn’t disappoint. The second Breakaway class vessel can be seen leaving its homeport in Miami under perfect weather conditions but with some wind.

Raymond Barret posted with the video the following:

Smooth Sailing East along Government Cut on the Norwegian Getaway. Takeoff from my favorite spot in South Pointe Park. Alternate to my usual flight plan, I took off and flew west about 1/2 mi. into PortMiami. I hovered just off the Coast Guard station as the massive 145,000 ton mega-machine approached. The weather was great where I was standing, that soon changed. When I heard the track: Jellyfish in space I imagined a flowing video with just three or four cuts.

The flight plan and the cityscape just all came together. Despite the calm music and the smooth flight, it was quite windy 20-25 kn, I estimated at the time. Even worse as the ship approached the Atlantic Ocean the wind passing through the towers at the tip of South Beach created a type of venturi effect through the buildings, gusting to 40-45mph as approached the boat from just behind on the starboard side. You can see the wind blowing several womens’ hair as I got insanely close at the rail. I was flying not at 100 degrees as normal, but I was holding a death-grip on the right the stick at about 140-150 yawing east-ish. Hair-raising flight. If that wasn’t enough felt raindrops n my head and flew back ~.4 mi in a pop-up shower.

The Fathom Lines Adonia makes was leaving port following the Getaway. Enjoy!!!

As you can tell from reading above, a lot of work goes into filming which you can also read about on the last video footage made for Cruise Hive.

Norwegian Getaway is a 145,650 gross ton ship and can carry over 4,000 passengers at double occupancy. The ship entered service for NCL in February 2014 and is based out of Miami all year round.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of the video in the comments further down below.


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