Norwegian Cruise Ship Is Followed While Departing Miami

Here at Cruise Hive we love sharing videos that will inspire and make you want to go on a cruise. This video is one of the best and it was put together so Cruise Hive readers can get an exclusive view. The footage is done by Miami Drone Flights, they’ve given us an exclusive look at the stunning views of a Norwegian Cruise Ship.

Raymond Barrett from Miami Drone Flights puts a lot of work into getting the perfect footage as cruise ships enter and leave PortMiami. He seems to have everything to perfection and knows what needs to be done when operating his drone. Raymond told us the following:

The Drone can fly for 20 minutes and I have to be in position as it passes South Pointe Park.  Also, I need line of sight to the Drone, so I have to stand in a particular spot in South Pointe Park.  I have a little note sticky note taped to the controller telling me the proper flight plan to follow.  I always go over the top first, then the sides.  I always have some focus on the back of the ship also.  Ships heading to Freeport, turn slightly North just out of the mouth of the Harbor.  Nassau bound ship head South.  Ships headed south are much easier to film.  Ships headed north have a smaller window within range of the best place to stand.  Sky was headed to Freeport so I flew faster than usual.

The video featured today is of the 77,100 gross ton Norwegian Sky. The ship was setting off from Miami, Florida for another voyage. The 1,975 passenger ship was just beginning a 4-day Bahamas cruise on June 27. port of calls included Freeport, Nassau and NCL’s private island Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas.

Norwegian Sky
Video Footage By: Miami Drone Flights

Raymond Barrett also went on to say:

Most times I edit the playback speed to suit my overall needs.  This video is run at 1X the whole time.  I slowed and sped the Drone in real time.  For filming, we use a DJI Phantom 3 Pro with Range Extenders.  Over the open ocean like that, I am only limited by the battery power.  When wind conditions were perfect, I have been more than 3 miles out, over the Miami Anchorage offshore.  The NCL Sky is less than 300ft tall, so I can gain good vantage while staying below 400ft.  400ft is where the FAA really, really wants drones to fly below.  Flying backwards and sideways, like I do most of the time provides good footage.  I also have a very good idea of the speeds that the ships travel at while leaving, so I can match it for best results.  The Drone has a top speed of 35mph in a still wind, so it’s easy to stay with them.

Norwegian Sky which was built-in 1999 has already set sail on its next sailing from PortMiami today. We wish all her guests an amazing experience on another Bahamas voyage. What do you think of this video? Let us know in the comments below including any requests for future videos in PortMiami.


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