Norwegian Cruise Line to Increase Price on Beverage Packages

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Norwegian Cruise Line is implementing a significant price hike to two of the cruise line’s beverage packages effective January 1, 2023. Prices for both the Premium Plus Beverage Package and the Unlimited Open Bar Beverage Package will be raised by $10. 

The new pricing makes Norwegian Cruise Line the most expensive for beverage packages in the industry. The only good news? NCL recently made several changes to its loyalty program, which means that those part of the Latitudes Loyalty program can get discounts up to 50% on beverage packages. 

Most Expensive Beverage Packages in the Cruise Industry

With pricing going up $10 for both the Premium Plus Beverage Package and the Unlimited Open Bar Beverage Package, Norwegian Cruise Line has become the most expensive cruise line for beverage packages in the industry. 

The Premium Plus Beverage Package, which currently costs $128 per person per day, will increase to $138 per person per day, excluding gratuities. There is no limit to what guests can order, including wine, champagne, and premium beverages. 

The Premium Plus Beverage Package

Including the 20% gratuity that the cruise line adds to the package, the price guests will pay per day will be just over $165 for a couple, which comes to $330. 

The second-tier beverage package, the Unlimited Open Bar Beverage Package, currently costs $99 per person. From January 1, 2023, the price will go up to $109 per person per day. The package includes all beverages up to $15 per serving. Since 2017, this package’s price has increased by 30 dollars.

Beverage Package

Those who think they will buy one package and share will be disappointed. If any guest purchases any of the two packages, the same must be purchased for all guests aged 21+ on the same reservation. Individuals under 21 years old must purchase the Soda Package. 

So if it’s better to purchase a beverage package or just pay as you go is up for debate. Beverage prices onboard Norwegian’s cruise ships vary between $6-$9 for beer and ciders, $9 and up for spirits, and cocktails vary between $10-$13 per serving. Those who only have one or two daily drinks will likely want to pass on purchasing a package. 

Is there a way to get the beverage package for less? Yes, there is. 

Latitudes Program Offers a Way to Save on Beverage Packages

Earlier this week, it became clear that Norwegian Cruise Line has made several changes to the company’s loyalty program. Included in those changes is more freedom for the free dinners the cruise line offers to guests in the Gold, Platinum, Sapphire, Diamond, and Ambassador tiers. But the cruise line also included steep Unlimited Open Bar Package discounts.

Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: Ian_Stewart / Shutterstock

After the first cruise with Norwegian, guests automatically enroll in the Latitudes Rewards program so you can unlock a world of rewards. In the first tier, Bronze, which is awarded after the first sailing, guests can get a 30% discount on the beverage package.

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These discounts go up significantly after that. Silver and Gold tiers get a 40% discount, Platinum and Sapphire get a 45% discount, and Diamond and Ambassador get a 50% discount.

Say a guest is in the gold tier and purchases the Unlimited Open Bar Beverage Package at $109, they will get a massive $305 discount. 

One could, of course, argue that raising the prices is due to these discounts, and they probably are. However, with prices rising globally, Norwegian Cruise Line’s bottom line will also be hurting, and raising prices will always be the direction cruise lines are going in. 

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