Cruise News Carnival Cruise Line Ninth Carnival Ship This Year To Pass A Perfect Public Health Inspection

Ninth Carnival Ship This Year To Pass A Perfect Public Health Inspection

The Carnival Liberty has passed its United States Public Health Inspection (USPH) for the second time this year by a perfect 100 percent.

The inspection took place while the vessel was in Port Canaveral, Florida. The ship is not usually told about the inspection but there is a time frame when to expect a visit.

Although the inspections are good to make sure the standards of the ship are met it does require the ships staff and crew to work extra hours. Often crew members are found scrubbing and cleaning through the night but are usually rewarded with a large party after the USPH inspection.

To earn a 100 score, cruise ships must receive perfect marks on all 44 items that comprise the U.S.P.H.’s comprehensive Vessel Sanitation Program checklist. The unannounced inspections, which are conducted twice a year and required for any cruise ship with an international itinerary calling at a U.S. port, evaluate vessels in a wide variety of areas, including adherence to proper food handling, preparation and storage procedures, and overall galley cleanliness. Ships’ potable water supplies used in spas and pools are evaluated, as well.

The Carnival Liberty is now the ninth ship in the fleet to get a 100 percent score so hopefully the cruise line will continue this trend. Carnival Liberty operates five- to eight-day Caribbean cruises from Port Canaveral.


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