New Cruise Ship Tender And Lifeboat Being Tested

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The Genting Dream is getting really close to making its debut but until then many last-minute fittings and tests need to be done. One these latest videos by Unimedien shows the ships tender and lifeboats going through some vigorous testing. The testing was done at the Bremerhaven shipyard which is where the ship is getting its final touches completed.

Watch Video Below:

Crew and ship workers can be seen taking one of the tenders and lifeboats out for a spin. During the test, the boats can be seen stopping and starting the engines along with several manoeuvre tests. What’s not seen is the essential boats being lowered into the water and taken back up, no doubt this was also a way to train crew ready for the ships service.

A ships tender can usually hold more passengers than a regular lifeboat. The tender can also be used to ferry guests back and forward at a port which doesn’t have any docking facilities. The ship’s crew will also test the boats when an emergency drill is done once a month.

Genting Dream
Photo By: Dream Cruises

The Genting Dream is the first ever cruise ship for the newly formed Asian based Dream Cruises. The ship will offer a luxury service for the Chinese market and will begin sailing from Guangzhou, China this November. The vessel is 151,300 gross tonnes and can carry 3,353 passengers at double occupancy. The ship will have 2,000 crew members which are more than most fo a ship that size.


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