Cruise News Ports New Cruise Port Could Come to South Texas

New Cruise Port Could Come to South Texas

To the delight of cruisers in South Texas, lawmakers will next year look at the possibility of bringing cruise ships to Corpus Christi.

KristTV is reporting that lawmakers will spend 2016 looking at Corpus Christi on the southern coast of Texas having its own cruise port. The site mentions that there are two major obstacles stopping the go ahead of a cruise industry in South Texas. There is the harbor bridge which is not tall enough for cruise ship to sail under and no cruise terminal.

Corpus Christi

The good news is that Solomon P. Ortiz International Center located at the port was built with the cruise industry in mind and in the future the facility could be used as a passenger terminal. The harbor bridge could also be moved further up the channel out-of-the-way of large cruise ships.

If Corpus Christi became a cruise port it would be the closest american cruise port to Mexico. The port could open up a new doorway to the Western Caribbean including well-known cruise destination in Mexico. Corpus Christi is on the Gulf of Mexico and has easy access to other american destinations which could entice new cruisers in the region.


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