New Color-Coded Safety System Implemented for Cruise Ships During No-Sail Order

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and multiple cruise lines have started to implement a new color-coded safety system.

New System to Keep Crew Members Safe

After a meeting that was held last week between the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and cruise lines, a new color-coded safety system has been implemented. The new Green, Red, and Yellow system aims to keep crew members safe while on cruise ships during the suspension of operations and the CDC “No-Sail Order.”

Cruise lines must come up with a detailed response plan which provides safety to crew members, not just to work onboard, but also when disembarking vessels for things such as repatriation.

Each cruise line has submitted its plans to the U.S. organization but this arrangement only applies to cruise lines that have ship operations or plan to operate in U.S. waters.

The CDC has posted “This guidance and the commercial transportation attestation are only applicable to cruise ship operators with a complete and accurate No Sail Order response plan for crew management and for their ships that have met CDC’s criteria for a “Green” ship. Cruise company officials must sign an acknowledgment of the completeness and accuracy of their response plan. Status of ships is contingent upon weekly submission of the Enhanced Data Collection (EDC) during COVID-19 Pandemic.”

To become a green-rated vessel there are a number of requirements including no confirmed cases of COVID-like illness for the 28 days. Once a vessel has the green status it also means crew members will be able to travel commercially. If a ship does not submit a weekly update to the CDC, then it will automatically be listed as red status which will result in further requirements.

Cruise Ship Color Status
Via Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

It is important to know that the new color-coded system only applies to certain cruise ships and cruise lines during the CDC “No-Sail Order.” The embarkation of passengers is not allowed until the order is lifted and that depends on the health crisis in the United States. The current order is set to expire near the end of July, but it is possible it could be extended depending on the extent of the pandemic spread in the United States.

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As of June 15, a total of nine cruise lines have submitted their response plans to the CDC and so far just the Grand Celebration operated by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has gotten the all green after a review. Other cruise lines are still under review by the CDC.

Do take a look at the full details from the CDC right here. When the No-Sail Order is lifted the system could be stopped or possibly changed to accommodate new recommendations. Cruise Lines are also working with health authorities around the world to make sure passengers and crew remain safe for when cruises do eventually resume.

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