MSC Seashore Cruise Ship: Overview and Things to Do

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Debuting in 2021, MSC Seashore is one of the latest and greatest ships to sail the high seas. While MSC Cruises might not be as familiar to U.S. cruisers as, say, Carnival or Royal Caribbean, the cruise line is continuing to make waves in the U.S. cruising market with this ship, which serves both European and U.S. itineraries. 

Wondering what you can expect when you take an MSC Seashore cruise? Well, there’s a whole lot to expect and a whole lot to love, so let’s get started.

MSC Seashore Stats

MSC Seashore isn’t the biggest ship on the ocean, but it’s by no means tiny. Despite this, the ship still offers spaces that manage to feel intimate and cozily enjoyable. Here’s how the ship measures in. 

  • Gross Tonnage: 169,400 GT
  • Length: 339 meters
  • Decks: 20 total, 15 guest decks
  • Passenger capacity: 5,877
  • Number of cabins: 2,270
  • Crew members: 1,648 

Construction and History

A relatively new cruise ship constructed by Fincantieri at the popular Monfalcone shipyard in Italy, MSC Seashore is a member of MSC Cruises’s Seaside EVO class, and the first of its kind, with sister ship MSC Seascape following a year later.

The Seaside EVO class is an evolution of the prior Seaside class (which encompasses ships MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview, which debuted in 2017 and 2018). The EVO variant takes things to the next level, with newly imagined public spaces, restaurants and more. 

When it debuted in 2021, the ship was the largest to be built in Italy, but that’s not where it stopped setting records.

The ship is the first cruise ship on the planet to feature a state-of-the-art air sanitation system called “Safe Air,” which is capable of removing nearly 100% of viruses and bacteria from the ship’s environment.

MSC Seashore Float Out
Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises

Other technical features on the ship help move MSC Cruises closer to its goal of being net carbon neutral by 2050. These technologies, for example, reduce sulfur oxide emissions and nitrogen oxide emissions by significant degrees.

Other notable features include more than 13,000 square meters (or nearly 140,000 square feet) of outdoor space; the highest ratio of outdoor space per guest on any MSC Cruises ship; and the largest MSC Yacht Club on any MSC Cruises ship. 


As mentioned, staterooms on an MSC Seashore cruise include more than 2,200 options, including more than 70 options for guests who require disability considerations. Stateroom options include balcony, ocean view, and interior staterooms.

Interior staterooms

Interior staterooms are modern and sleek, with neutral color palettes that feature lots of browns, taupes and grays. These types of staterooms are further broken down into deluxe and premium interior staterooms, with the larger of the two, the premium interior staterooms, fitting five travelers.

MSC Seashore Interior Stateroom
MSC Seashore Interior Stateroom

The premium option offers much roomier than interior staterooms on other ships, these options include full bar areas, big beds, sitting areas, spacious bathrooms, and lots of storage.

Oceanview staterooms

Oceanview staterooms are just a slight step up. You can get more room with a premium interior stateroom. However, if it’s ocean views, not floor space, that you’re after, go with the deluxe ocean view option. 

The narrow rooms feature that same neutral color palette as you’ll find in the interior staterooms, but with a large porthole at the end of the sitting area. Unfortunately, these aren’t the largest ocean views we’ve seen on a cruise ship.

Balcony staterooms

There are two balcony stateroom options: the deluxe balcony stateroom and the deluxe balcony Aurea stateroom. The deluxe balcony staterooms are very similar to all the other staterooms, with that muted color palette and simple sitting area and bathroom, plus a balcony with some comfy seating for two.

MSC Seashore Balcony Stateroom
MSC Seashore Balcony Stateroom

If you book an Aurea balcony cabin, you get extra perks, such as a premium location on the ship and access to VIP areas of the ship. The Aurea cabins also feature a different color palette, with bold shades of maroon. 

Do be careful when you book a balcony cabin on this ship, though. While glass balcony railings are standard, so as to increase your view, some do come, unfortunately, outfitted with metal balcony railings. 


Suites on this ship are separated into two categories: MSC Yacht Club suites and Aurea suites. 

Aurea suites come with extra perks such as welcome gifts, 24-hour room service and access to an Aurea sundeck. Some Aurea suites have whirlpools on their balconies, and most have lots of storage space. Some have a bath tub rather than just a standing shower. 

Junior Aurea suites are on the smaller side and are most similar to an Aurea balcony cabin, but just with a much larger balcony.

MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite
MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite

Premium Aurea suites feature large, wrap-around balconies, big wardrobes and more floor space. Some of these premium suites likewise feature whirlpools on their balconies and bigger balconies in general. 

The largest of the Aurea suite options is the two-bedroom grand suite, which features two bedrooms (one with a double bed and one with two singles), two bathrooms, a dining area and large terrace.

MSC Yacht Club

The MSC Yacht Club, however, is where you’ll find the creme de la creme of suite options aboard MSC Seashore. MSC Yacht Club suites are more luxurious than any of the other options available, and come with extra perks that go on for days.

Suites are big, bold and modern, and range from interior suites with extra living space, to the owner’s suite with its large terrace with a balcony and outdoor dining area.

MSC Yacht Club Sundeck and Pool
MSC Yacht Club Sundeck and Pool

MSC Yacht Club perks include free WiFi, 24-hour concierge service, priority access to the spa, 24-hour butler service, and a whole bevy of areas that other cruisers won’t be able to enter.

For example, there’s a private panoramic indoor-outdoor lounge, two private restaurants and two private pools — and it’s all just for MSC Yacht Club guests.

Free Dining

You have a handful of classic cruise ship dining options that you can enjoy during an MSC Seashore cruise, as part of your basic cruise fare. Restaurants where you can eat for free include:

  • 5th Avenue Restaurant, one of the three main dining rooms, serving sit-down, classic cruise fare
  • Tribeca Restaurant, another main dining room
  • Central Park Restaurant, the third and final main dining room
  • Manhattan Restaurant, the main dining room only for Aurea guests
  • The Yacht Club Restaurant, only open to Yacht Club guests
  • The One Pool Grill & Bar, also only open to Yacht Club guests 
  • Marketplace Buffet, a classic cruise ship buffet

There’s also room service available, but it does come with a fee, unless you’re staying in an Aurea or MSC Yacht Club stateroom or suite.

5th Avenue Restaurant
5th Avenue Restaurant

As you can see, you don’t get a huge array of restaurant options on MSC Seashore unless you’re staying in the Yacht Club area of the ship. Otherwise, you’ll need to settle for dining at the main dining rooms or the buffet for every meal, or upgrade and pay for some of the for-a-fee, specialty dining experiences.

Specialty Restaurants

If you decide you’d like to pay extra for more dining options during your MSC Seashore cruise, your options will include…

Butcher's Cut
Butcher’s Cut
  • Kaito Teppanaki (because every cruise ship has a Teppanyaki restaurant)
  • Ocean Cay, for upscale dining and a seafood focus
  • Butchers Cut, for a classic steakhouse experience
  • Kaito Sushi, for — what else? — sushi
  • Hola Tacos & Cantina, for Mexican favorites
  • Venchi 1878 Gelato, for sweet treats
  • Horizon Bar, for ice cream
  • Venchi 1878 Chocolate Bar, for chocolate and coffee

Bars and Lounges

There are other places you can go within the ship to grab a small bite to eat if you’d like also to get a drink at the same time.

MSC Seashore, Sports Bar
MSC Seashore, Sports Bar

There are ample bar and lounge options aboard MSC Seashore, so even if you’re disappointed with the relatively minimal dining options, you certainly won’t be when you see the number of watering holes. Grab a drink at…

  • Brooklyn Cafe, for comedy with a side of drinks
  • The Champagne & Wine Bar, for upscale snacks and drinks
  • The Cocktail Bar, the ship’s “welcome” bar
  • Jungle Pool Beach Bar, for poolside drinks but indoors
  • Le Cabaret Rouge, a high-energy, live music lounge 
  • MSC Signature Casino Bar, for drinks while you gamble
  • Seashore Bar, for drinks near your dining options
  • Shine Bar, another dining room-adjacent bar
  • Sports Bar, for an expected sports bar environment (with the snacks to match!)
  • The Wine Cellar, for wine tastings
  • Uptown Lounge, for more live entertainment as you drink
  • Infinity Bar, one of two poolside outdoor bars
  • Long Island Pool Bar, another poolside outdoor bar
  • MSC Aurea Bar, the Aurea-specific sun deck bar
  • Sky Bar, an outdoor bar with a rooftop setting

Activities and Entertainment

But beyond lounging in your suite and eating and drinking your way through the ship, what else can you do during an MSC Seashore cruise? Here are just a few suggestions.

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See a Show at the Theater

The Madison Theater offers reservation-only shows just about every evening during a cruise, with a broad range of types of entertainment, from choreography and acrobatics to music and theatrics.

Madison Theater
Madison Theater

Attend a Deck Party

If you’d rather enjoy a party-like atmosphere than sit in a dark theater, attend one of the nightly deck parties. Each party comes with a fun theme. 

Gamble in the Casino

This non-smoking casino offers a wide array of favorite slots and table games, with nearly 200 options to tempt you.

Visit the Pool

There are multiple pools aboard MSC Seashore. The primary pool is the Long Island Pool, and this is where you’ll find the most activity. The Jungle Pool is a family-friendly, quieter pool with a roof. The Infinity Pool is adults-only and offers amazing views. The One Pool is just for MSC Yacht Club guests.

Long Island Pool
Long Island Pool

There are also hot tubs scattered throughout the ship, for more than a dozen total (including two infinity hot tubs!). Additionally, sundecks are plentiful, with lots of loungers and daybeds. If you’re staying in an Aurea suite or a MSC Yacht Club suite, you’ll get access to better and more sundecks. 

Jungle Pool Lounge
Jungle Pool Lounge

Enjoy the Waterpark

Kids aboard MSC Seashore will love the Pirates Cove Aquapark, which combines tech features with water fun, for a cruise ship water park unlike any other.

Pirates Cove Aquapark
Pirates Cove Aquapark

Visit the Spa

The spa’s best feature is its Thermal Suite, with a hot tub, aromatherapy showers, chromotherapy showers, saunas and more. You’ll need to pay for a day or week pass, unless you’re staying in an Aurea or MSC Yacht Club suite, in which case you’ll enjoy free access.

MSC Aurea Spa - Reception
MSC Aurea Spa – Reception

Onboard Shopping

Craving a little retail therapy? You can do a little shopping while you’re aboard MSC Seashore, too. The ship offers spots to pick up your favorite duty-free items, but also fashion accessories, leather goods, fine jewelry and Swiss watches, perfumes, cosmetics, sunglasses and more. Guests will also find the photo gallery to check any photos during the voyage.

Emotions - Immersive Gallery
Emotions – Immersive Gallery

Kids Venues

There’s lots to do for kids on this ship and, in fact, this ship boasts the most kids-specific space out of all the MSC Cruises ships

The kids club offers a range of different spaces for kids ages 3 to 11, with activities to fit a range of interests. From video games to movies, arts and crafts to cooking competitions, the ways to play are near-endless.

MSC Seashore, Mini Club
MSC Seashore, Mini Club

For the older kiddos, ages 12 to 14, there’s a Young Club, with games. For those ages 15 to 17, the Teen Club offers events and tech-friendly amenities. 

MSC Seashore Cruises

Ready to jump aboard an upcoming MSC Seashore cruise? With lots to do for families and tons of luxury amenities for the discerning luxury traveler in your life, this large, beautiful, tech-savvy cruise ship is a great fit for many cruisers.


How big is MSC Seashore?

MSC Seashore measures in at a gross tonnage of 169,400 and a length of 339 meters, with 20 total decks (including 15 for guests). This means it can hold nearly 6,000 passengers and more than 1,600 crew members, with more than 2,000 staterooms and suites. 

Is MSC Seashore a good ship?

MSC Seashore is considered one of MSC Cruises’s best ships to date, with state-of-the-art tech features, improved restaurants, lots of public and outdoor space and some of the biggest kids spaces in the cruise line’s fleet to date. 

How many pools are on MSC Seashore?

The cruise ship offers six pools, a water park and more than a dozen hot tubs.

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