Cruise News MSC Cruises MSC Details New Health Measures, Cruises to Restart in the Mediterranean

MSC Details New Health Measures, Cruises to Restart in the Mediterranean

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MSC Cruises has announced its new health and safety procedures to keep guests and crew safe for when operations restart in the Mediterranean.

New MSC Health Measures

MSC which is the world’s fastest-growing cruise line has detailed new comprehensive health procedures covering the entire aspect of the cruise experience. new measures cover from the moment a cruise is first booked all the way through to getting back home.

The health measures will first be to restart cruises in thew Meditteranean and the cruise line has been working closely with health authorities to make this possible. A dedicated task force the blue-ribbon COVID Expert Group has also been set up and includes medical experts who will set new standards for the company moving forward and making sure everyone will remain safe.

Combining new data and research into COVID-19, an improved understanding of the virus and how it behaves with the latest technology in screening and protecting people from possible contagion, the new operating protocol is designed to prevent and mitigate the risk of transmission during an MSC Cruises’ vacation. It includes the following pillars in terms of precautionary measures and response planning:

The onboard experience will be altered to keep guests save during the voyage. Social distancing will become a major aspect around the ship as detailed below:

Cruises in the Mediterranean are Restarting

MSC Cruises is preparing for a potential restart this summer in the Mediterranean which — in terms of the current development of the pandemic and its tourist attractions — is where the Company’s guests would want ships to be deployed.

While awaiting the necessary final approvals, two MSC Cruises’ ships are making preparations – flagship MSC Grandiosa and popular ship MSC Magnifica. MSC Grandiosa will offer 7-night cruises in the Western Mediterranean and MSC Magnifica will serve the East Mediterranean.

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Their actual departure dates will be determined in accordance with the guidelines received by the relevant authorities. The itineraries that are planned include Greece and Malta where the authorities have not only re-opened their ports to cruising but also have approved the health and safety protocol to support MSC Cruises’ restart of operations.

For this initial phase of the restart of operations, the two MSC Cruises’ ships operating in the Mediterranean for the current summer season will initially only welcome guests who are residents in Schengen countries.

Additionally, their itineraries have been designed according to the accessibility of the ports, reducing — where possible — the need for guests to make use of public transport or flights, and have been planned in conjunction with the authorities.

Guests residing in countries who are unable to sail on the summer Mediterranean cruises will be contacted by MSC Cruises with options for their vacation plans.

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Cruises from the U.S.

In the U.S., MSC Cruises’ ships will only return to service once the necessary approvals have been received from the relevant local and national authorities, including the CDC, as well as across the regions where the ships will operate.

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