Cruise News MSC Cruises MSC Cruises Releases New Video Called "Keep On Discovering"

MSC Cruises Releases New Video Called “Keep On Discovering”

MSC Cruises has released a brand new video clip to inspire all us cruisers! The new video is called “Keep On Discovering” which reminds us that we will evolve as a cruiser as we age and our tastes will always be evolving.

The clip show some breathtaking views onboard the MSC Splendida which includes a pretty trendy stateroom. There’s also some inspiring views in the ports of call.

The video also reminds us of our forgotten youth and on an MSC Cruises you can bring your youth back no matter how old you are. The voice over explains well and really teases an MSC Cruise in the Mediterranean where the majority of the fleet is based.

Our favorite part of the clip is the very beginning which could possible the perfect start to a morning aboard a cruise ship. It shows a very tempting plate of pastries and doughnuts with the sound of shower running in the background.

How many destination can you spot in the video? We can spot a few including Rio De Janeiro which is times well with the current FIFA World Cup being held there! Feel free to post your comments below with all the destination you can spot or simply your views on MSC Cruises new video.


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