MSC Cruises’ New Meraviglia Plus Ship Aces Sea Trials

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MSC Cruises’ newest LNG-powered ship, MSC Euribia is nearly ready to set sail on her maiden voyage this summer, heading into the waters and fjords of Northern Europe. the new cruise ship has completed sea trials, a major milestone before being delivered from the shipyard.

MSC Cruises’ Latest Meraviglia Plus Vessel Begins and Ends Sea Trials

The cruise line’s most state-of-the-art Meraviglia Plus class ship, the MSC Euribia, underwent a four-day sea trial beginning on April 18, 2023, to test out its new, more eco-friendly systems. 

The Meraviglia Plus generation of ships—including vessels like MSC Grandiosa, which came out of France’s Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard—is a line of “mega-ships” that feature many new upgrades, along with a focus on green technologies, as evidenced by MSC Euribia’s use of clean-burning liquefied natural gas.

MSC Euribia Cruise Ship
MSC Euribia Cruise Ship (Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises)

Now that MSC Euribia has completed its Bay of Biscay deep-water ocean trials, the vessel will undergo a bit of final work at the Saint Nazaire Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard prior to being handed over to MSC Cruises toward the end of May this year.

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MSC Euribia’s inaugural season in Northern Europe will begin in June, with 7-night voyages departing from Kiel, Germany, and Copenhagen, Denmark. The trips will set out to explore the wild and picturesque fjords of Norwegian, with destinations like Flåm, Geirangerfjord, and other northern ports of call thrown into the mix.

Cutting-Edge Green Technologies Aboard the MSC Euribia

MSC Euribia will use LNG (liquefied natural gas) fuel, which can reduce air pollution by up to 99% for sulfur oxides and up to 85% for nitrogen oxides, leading to a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions overall in many cases.

MSC Euribia Sea Trials
Photo Credit: City of Saint-Nazaire – Christian Robert

MSC Cruises’ newest ships are committed to eco-friendly equipment and waste reduction, incorporating green technologies such as shore power connectivity, advanced wastewater treatment, comprehensive waste recycling, underwater radiated noise management, and energy-efficient gear to minimize carbon emissions and promote more energy-efficient power use.

An Artistic Hull Focused on Ocean Conversation

Furthermore, apart from the ship’s new technical bells and whistles, MSC Euribia can boast some very cool new hull artwork to boot.

The hull of the vessel has been adorned with some exquisite artwork, designed by German graphic artist Alex Flämig. The artwork, chosen as the winner of an international competition, aims to raise global awareness regarding the vital significance of safeguarding the oceans’ fragile, and often at-risk ecosystems.

MSC Euribia Cruise Ship
MSC Euribia Cruise Ship (Photo Courtesy: MSC Cruises)

“To witness my design finally come to life across MSC Euribia’s hull is an incredibly proud moment…” Flämig remarked on the honor, and occasion. “I hope it can serve not only as a testament to MSC Cruises’ commitment to protecting the important marine ecosystem but also as an inspiration for those working on finding innovative solutions to safeguard the future of the ocean.”

MSC Euribia, coming in at 181,541 gross tons, with a capacity for just over 6,300 guests, is currently scheduled to depart on her maiden voyage on June 8, 2023.

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