Cruise News MSC Cruises Festive Dining And Holiday Events

MSC Cruises Festive Dining And Holiday Events

MSC Cruises has announced it’s festive dining! We’re already starting to feel hungry! The European based cruise line is a privately family owned company and wants to remind guests how important Christmas and New Year dining is. Dining onboard will have lasting memories and the cruise line wants to make it a special experience.

There will be a special holiday six course meal onboard all MSC cruise ships on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. The courses will cover a wide range of dishes along with some inspiration from the Mediterranean which is at the heart of MSC Cruises. But that’s not all! Several ships in the fleet will be having their festive dinners by the popular Italian Chef Carlo Cracco. Carlo has received 2 Michelin stars so the MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia, MSC Armonia and the MSC Lirica will be getting a fine festive dinner.

The cruise line will also be offering entertainment to get guests into the festive mood. There will be different activities near the pools along with special dance classes. Ships will also feature a Christmas show which will be based around a talent show which is sure to be one of the highlights of the cruise. Another festive event will be a Christmas White party where passengers will have to wear only white clothing. There will be a lot more festive events all around the ship to get guests and kids into the mood and almost every department onboard will have its own event.

The New years eve festivities will feature a pool party and once it hits midnight there is to be a fireworks display. Other events are a parade featuring the MSC kids onboard and the most interesting of all a Flash Mob.

has anyone ever been onboard a cruise ship in the festive season and what do you think of MSC Cruises Christmas and New Years dining plans? Let us know in the comments below.




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