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Cruise News Royal Caribbean Meet The Crew Members On World's Biggest Cruise Ship

Meet The Crew Members On World’s Biggest Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean has posted a new video which showcases some of the crew members who are working onboard the world’s biggest cruise ship.

Cruise Hive is run by former crew members so we find it so good that the cruise line has highlighted them. In the video below we get to meet some crew from all over the world and which department they are working in. We get to see the side of cruising which not everyone thinks about. They will live on the ship for up to eight months at a time and very rarely get any days off, just remember that on your next cruise.

Meet The Crew:

Not just on Harmony of the Seas but also every other ship the crew work hard and always do their best to make the guests vacation the best it can be. All we can say is that crew members are doing a great job and ask them when they will go back home, they’ll tell you down to the minutes with a big grin on their face.

There are 2,300 crew members onboard the third Oasis-class ship at a massive 227,000 gross tons. The ship is currently sailing Caribbean itineraries out of Port Everglades, Florida and was delivered to Royal Caribbean in 2016.

So the question we all what to know the answer to, who is your favorite crew member? You can post in the comments further down below.

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