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Meet The New ‘Royal’ On The Block: Symphony of the Seas

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The cruise industry has seen a phenomenal amount of growth in the past few years. From adding to their lineup of destinations to expanding their fleet of ships, cruise lines continuously level up their game.

Royal Caribbean is making sure they stay on top of the competition by going above and beyond their already outstanding Oasis class, with their new ship Symphony of the Seas. The new ‘Royal’ on the block, set to debut in 2018, has so much to offer. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a seasoned passenger – there’s definitely something to look forward to!

What exactly is there about the Symphony of the Seas that’s bound to make you excited? Here are four that are sure to make that countdown to 2018 extra thrilling:

Every room has a ‘view’

If you’ve ever booked an interior cabin before – you probably already know what it feels like in them. It can get stuffy, crowded, and when the excitement of boarding starts to wind down, well, it can get a little ‘sad’.

Without anything to refresh your eyes while you relax in your quarters, chilling out in your room may not always be the best idea. The Symphony of the Seas changes all that for you with their virtual balconies in every room. These are room-to-ceiling displays of breathtaking views that will make your space look and feel more expansive and relaxing.

Views are a priority onboard the Symphony of the Seas, as they also offer more balcony rooms, including those looking out to their beautiful themed ‘neighborhoods’.

Symphony of the Seas
Photo By: Royal Caribbean

Dining options are a class of their own

A cruise trip is definitely more than just about the destination, or the accommodations, or even the cruise ship’s facilities. What makes or breaks the experience for many – is the food.

Royal Caribbean is already known for offering a wide variety of dining options onboard their ships – with Symphony of the Seas, they take it up a notch by taking you ‘around the world’ with 20 world-class restaurants!

From mouth-watering steaks, to savory Asian fare, to a Mexican food fiesta, and Jamie Oliver’s Italian spread – Symphony of the Seas will have you gourmet hopping from one restaurant to another – all in one elegant venue!

With new cooking talents joining the crew, you’re bound to enjoy unique and delectable cuisine that will make your dining experience a cut above the rest.

The Ultimate Abyss

What makes cruise ship pools extra fun? Slides of course! The height and complexity of the slide setup definitely adds up to the amusement factor. Symphony of the Seas does not skip on both with the Ultimate Abyss – bound to be tallest slide on sea, with its 100-foot drop.

That’s almost a ten-story plunge! Definitely a great way to make the most of your water adventures on your cruise trip. Who said you had to wait until you get to port to get your surf on? Symphony of the Seas will also have the Flow Rider, which features a surf simulator that’s 40 feet long.

It is 1,188 feet long, 215 feet wide, and can house 5494 passengers

Royal Caribbean did not scrimp on space on this new ship, and definitely made it a goal to provide the best share of ‘real estate’ on the big blue ocean you can find.

It has 2,775 guest rooms – definitely enough for everybody who wants to experience what Symphony of the Seas has to offer! And yes, it has sixteen full-packed decks that will give you a cruise experience of a lifetime.

From waterparks, to a full-service spa, state-of the art fitness center, an outdoor garden with galleries, five pools, ten whirlpools – Symphony of the Seas has them all! This corner of the ocean that you’ll be calling home throughout the cruise has been set up to impress you many times over.

Already excited to meet this new crown prince from the Royal Caribbean? 2018 is drawing near with every day that passes! But, Symphony of the Seas still in the works, which means one thing – there’s most likely even more exciting things to look forward to!

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Symphony of the Seas

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Symphony of the Seas
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